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1.1 The club continues to strive for wider access to matches by offering...

1.1.1 A broad range of ticket prices. Customers buying more than 25 tickets will benefit from an 'economy of scale' discount. Also, customers buying expensive seats or packages enable us to charge other customers less for their tickets.

1.1.2 At least 5% stadium capacity is available to non-Season Card holders to purchase matchday tickets.

1.1.3 Concessions for supporters aged under-18 and over-65 are available at a reduction of up to 50% depending on location within the stadium.

1.1.4 Concessions are available for supporters aged under-18 and over-65 in every area of the stadium, both on a match-by-match and Season Card basis.

1.1.5 Concessions are available on Season Cards for supporters aged 21 and under in the South West Upper and North West Upper stands.

1.1.6 The North East Corner of the Riverside Stadium is a designated family area; the Generation Red Family Zone. It is recommended as an enjoyable game to watch the match for any new supporters.

1.1.7 Concessions are available on Season Cards for supporters aged 11 and under in the Generation Red Family Zone.

1.1.8 Contact for disabled supporters is Simon Macdonald who can be contacted on 0844 499 1234 or

1.1.9 If a match is abandoned after spectators are admitted to the ground, but before kickoff, ticket holders are entitled to free admission to the re-arranged match. If a match is abandoned after kick off supporters are entitled to half-price admission to the re-arranged match on production of matchday ticket stub.

1.2 Season Cards are available by instalments.

1.3 Tickets for cup competitions are priced in agreement with opposition, but no higher than league games and on occasions reduced. Tickets are allocated for sale first to Season Card holders, next to Boro Pride members and then to the general public.

1.3 Refunds will only be considered if the ticket is returned to the Ticket Office no later than 24 hours prior to kick-off. No refunds are given after game commences.


2.1 The Club's supporters are allocated tickets for away matches as follows:

Tickets offered to club's longest standing Season Card holders at first. Subject to availability, tickets will then go on sale to Boro Pride members and, following this, general sale.

2.2 Visiting supporters are charged the same price as home supporters and concessions (under-18/Over-65) apply regardless whether the opposing club offers the same to MFC supporters.

2.3 The Club abides by the Football League regulations etc governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.


3.1 The Club rewards the loyalty of Season Card holders through the following means:

3.1.1 All Season Card holders receive a patron number prefixed with a letter which indicates how long they have been a Season Card holder. Should Middlesbrough qualify for a high profile cup tie such as a semi-final or final, tickets may be sold giving priority to those who have held Season Cards the longest, using the letters prefixing patron numbers for guidance.

3.1.2 All Season Card holders receive considerable cash saving over the course of the season, compared to supporters who purchase tickets on a match-by-match basis.

3.2 The Club runs a membership club called Boro Pride for supporters of all ages. Benefits of Boro Pride include:

3.2.1 Savings over non-members match prices of at least £2

3.2.2 No online or telephone booking fees

3.3 The Club runs a membership club called Generation Red for its supporters up to 18. Benefits of membership include...

3.3.1 Free entry to selected fixtures at the Riverside Stadium.

3.3.2 Entry into a regular draw to win exclusive prizes.

3.3.3 The opportunity to attend football coaching courses and meetings with Middlesbrough first team players.

3.3.4 Discounts on a variety of club merchandise.


4.1 The Club consults supporters on a regular basis through a variety of formats. These include quarterly meetings between the Supporter Services department and the Chairman and Secretary of the Official Supporters Club, regular attendance of Club Officials at Official Supporters Club Q&A meetings, a minimum of annual attendance of Club Officials at other Supporters Club Branches and active involvement in the FA Supporters Panel.

4.1.1 The Club also has a fans' Web Panel and a Fans' Forum. These channels are used to liaise with fans regularly throughout the year. The Forum takes place quarterly at the stadium; to get involved please email

4.2 The Club actively publicises its position on major policy issues in an easily digested format in the Club programme, official internet website and via press releases to the local and national media.

4.3 The Club has and continues to develop ways to consult with sponsors, the local authority and other interest parties.

4.4 The Club gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and reasons for the changes via the Club programme, official internet website, advertising in the local media and via press releases to the local media.

4.5 The Club has a designated Supporter Services department which promotes customer service excellence across all areas and departments.

4.6 The Club's Supporter Liaison Officer is Anthony Emmerson who can be contacted on 0844 499 1234 or


5.1 The Club plays a strong role in the local community which supports it and takes seriously its role at the heart of the community. Its designated community arm is call the MFC Foundation.

5.2 Through its Willie Maddren Education Centre, a wide range of school children are given the opportunity to attend "education through football" courses at the Club, focusing on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

5.3 The Club provides a wide range of football and further education courses at affordable prices to all members of the local community.

5.4 The Club actively supports the fundraising efforts of local charitable causes with the donation of a wide range of Club merchandise signed by the first team squad.

5.5 The Club is regularly committed to nominating local "Chosen Charities" for special fundraising and publicity help for a full season.

5.6 The Club actively helps to promote and publicise local charitable causes and other good causes such as schools by arranging for players to attend publicity events.

5.7 The Club actively supports the community based efforts of other key organisations such as the Police, by arranging for players and Club mascot, Roary the Lion, to attend community events.

5.8 The Club actively supports anti-racism causes through messages via its Club programme, official website, matchday PA system, concourse TV system and press releases to the local and national media. It is further committed towards helping to stamp out racism by supporting other efforts in the community and taking a strong stance towards the use of racist language or behaviour in its stadium.


6.1 Replica strips will continue to be changed on a seasonal basis.

6.2 The Club attaches swing tickets with launch and sell by date.

6.3 The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations.

6.4 MFC kit is only available through MFC Official retail outlets, the MFC official website and MFC Official Direct mail order catalogue.

6.5 Details of the next intended change of kit are available from the Club shop.


7.1 The Club is accredited and certified by SGS Yarsley in quality control in accordance with ISO 9001.

7.2 The Club has a Spectator Safety Policy.

7.3 The Club is represented on the Board of Kick Racism Out Of Football and fully supports its policies, aims and objectives.

7.4 The Club provides a wide range of facilities for disabled supporters and positively encourages our Disabled Supporters Association.

7.5 The Club has adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy which is included in our staff handbook.

7.6 We have a customer relations mission statement throughout the Company with the slogan: Under Promise/Over Deliver. Reward our People, Reward our Customers, Reward Ourselves


8.1 The Club responds to any contact from a customer within a maximum of seven working days.

8.2 The Club responds to contact from customers by letter, facsimile, e-mail and/or telephone. If a customer requests a response in writing, they will always receive one. When it is considered appropriate, they will also receive a telephone call.

8.3 All contact from customers will be responded to by the Head of Supporter Services. Where appropriate, there may also be contact by members of the Club's Executive or a Department Head.

8.4 The Club actively encourages fans' feedback, comments, views or complaints about the Club, its staff or activities, with a notice in the Club Programme informing supporters that they can write to the Club's Head of Supporter Services, Anthony Emmerson, about any issues.

8.5 The Football League Customer Services Department can be contacted should the correspondent not be satisfied by the club's response. The League contact details are The Football League Customer Services Department, Operations Centre, Edward VII Quay, Navigation Way, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2YF, email, telephone 0844 335 0183.

8.6 Should the correspondent not be satisfied by the Football League's response then the next point of contact is:

The Independent Football Ombudsman
Suite 49
57 Great George Street