Mike and Steve Wedgewood

THE RIVERSIDE has been brightened up by a growing number of colourful banners in recent seasons - and now they have their own permanent home in cyberspace.

Some hark back to the club's past, some hail the heroes of today while others still look forward to a glorious future. We've created this special place on the club's official website so fans all over the world can see the banners for themselves.

We're asking those who have made the banners to send us pictures of them, together with a short explanation of how the idea came about and how the banner was made.

Send your banners and stories to editor@riverside.mfc.co.uk.

Martin Collins and friends with their UEFA Cup final banner

Martin Collins sent in this commemorative picture of his trip to the UEFA Cup final by car, plane, minibus and taxi. Setting off from Eston down to Luton, they then flew to Germany, picked up a hired mini bus and drove to their digs in Belgium before getting a taxi to Eindhoven.

"It was a bad result but I wouldn't change a thing about the journey," says Martin. "Thanks Boro, you gave me six great European journeys!"

Redcar Reds banner

James Asburner's Redcar Reds flag on show at Newcastle United.

Danny, Tommy and Paul Nimmo with their Boro banner

This banner has visited many football grounds in the UK following the Boro and several grounds in the 2006 World Cup, as well as the UEFA Cup final in Holland, of course.

It's owned by Danny, Tommy and Paul Nimmo, who live in London.

Normanby Reds

Anthony Crosby sent this photo of Normanby Reds, taken before the Boro v Celtic match in the summer 2008 Algarve Tournament, "outside a packed stadium!"

Mark Moon with his Boro banner

Mark Moon from Middlesbrough made this banner before the 1997 cup finals and this picture was taken in Eindhoven before the Sevilla game. This picture shows him with some Sevilla supporters.

"The banner doesn't  make it to the Riverside much as I live in Holland now, but it does have its outings when I come home from time to time and get to a game or two, or when the Boro play in Holland. It even went to a Chris Rea concert in Amsterdam!"

Acklam Moggies On Tour banner

This photo shows the Acklam Smoggies and was taken in Jandia, Fuerteventura in August 2008, when they were celebrating Ian Marron's wife Clare's 40th birthday.

Ian writes: "We are all season ticket holders in the South West Corner and West Stand, flying the flag for the Boro in the Canaries. We always wear our Boro colours with pride, especially on holidays."

Back row, left to right: Chris, Rachel, Rita, Clare, Kay, Paul and Paul, Alison and Sean.
Middle row: Ian, Adam, Amy, Eve, Beth, Thomas, Jacqui and Chris.
Front row: Jacob, Sam, Luca, Sophia, James, Joshua and Matthew.  

United Nations banner

A United Nations of Boro flag on display at the Riverside.

A Boro banner at Chelsea

A Boro banner at Stamford Bridge.

Boro fans at the Epcot Center

Boro fans at the Epcot Center in the USA.

Dave Cutler's Messiah banner

Dave Cutler from Yarm sent in this picture taken at the Algarve Tournament in summer 2008. It is the latest of several flags designed by his partner, Dawn Rawson. Boro's John Johnson and Gary O'Neil are in the shot.

Melanie Walker and Gareth Paylor before the Eindhoven trip

Melanie Walker in Eindhoven

Melanie Walker and Gareth Paylor, from Stockton, are pictured here before and during the trip to Eindhoven. "We enjoyed showing our flag no matter what and enjoyed the full European experience," says Melanie. "We can't wait for next venture Gareth!"

MOSC'S Angels All Over The World banner

Middlesbrough Official Supporters Club's Angels All Over The World banner in the North East Corner, celebrating their hugely successful partnership with mfc.co.uk, Boro Fans United. Thanks to MOSC chair Sue Gardener for the picture. 

Alex Cronin-Hunter's Smog Monsters banner

Alex Cronin-Hunter's Smog Monsters banner in the crowd before the FA Cup game at Mansfield in 2008

Deep In My Heart banner

Bri and Robbie from Grangetown have produced a new Deep in My Heart banner.

A Boro banner on a house in Redcar

"I have no idea who made this banner, or whose house this is, but while driving around Redcar before the UEFA Cup final I just had to take a photo of it," said Graeme Broom.

A banner which can normally be seen in the South Stand

Susan Cronin-Hunter's banner can be seen on the back row of the South Stand at most Boro games.

What the well-dressed house wears

Buddy made these banners in the early 1980s and they were seen in the Holgate at the last match.

Kevin Judge's Boro banner

"Got this flag made the day before the cup final in Eindhoven," writes Kevin Judge. "As one of Boro's large set of England followers it reminds us why we are Boro supporters. It's only divine intervention that keeps us Boro through the ups and downs. It was at proudly displayed at all England's World Cup games in Germany and was one of the Sun newspaper center page photos after England's defeat to Portugal. The picture was taken in Eindhoven on matchday and the Blues Brother look-alike is Lee Purvis."

Richard Fox and his mates in Iraq

Richard Fox and his mates in Iraq.

Grant Mileston's Juninho banner

This picture of Grant Mileston's "Juninho - Lord of the Riverside" banner was taken at Cardiff on Carling Cup final day. (Picture copyright grantmilestone.com)

Gemma's Boro Babes banner

"The words on this banner were drawn on by hand with fabric paints," writes Gemma. "It has been taken to every match, we don't watch without it, especially the FA Cup and UEFA Cup matches. Just before the UEFA Cup final we managed to get a lot of the first team to sign the bottom of the flag. This picture is of my front room window ready for the UEFA final - showing off the banner and more!" The other Boro Babes are Helen and Katy.

Jon Gregory's well-travelled banner

Jon Gregory, from York, sent in this picture of a Boro banner that has been all over Europe and the UK for well over a decade. "It's now a bit older, battered and bruised like his owner," says Jon.

Garry Hassell's Birghton Boro banner

Garry H of Brighton Reds sent in this picture of Boro fans in Eindhoven before the UEFA Cup final featuring Boro fans based in, from left to right, Windsor, Sunderland, Brighton, York and London.

David Bullock's 1986 banner

"This is my newly-made banner, which is replacing my old one left behind in Eindhoven," writes David Bullock. "Let's hope it goes on many more European adventures in the future." 

Paul Jefferson's Thornaby banner

"This banner was made in the early 90s I think by Craig Dunning, a mate of mine from Thornaby," writes Paul Jefferson. "It has been on many travels the picture shows Skinny Barker outside our hotel in Kensington in 1998."

James Limon and his banner

This picture of James Limon was taken after Boro beat Newcastle 1-0 this season. "Awesome day," he says.

Teessiders banner 

An elderly local doesn't quite know what to make of Boro fans on their travels during the team's UEFA Cup campaigns. 

Northern Ireland fans' banner

Here is the Northern Ireland supporters club's banner. Held by a couple of Boro fans at the Bott Inn in Belfast watching the UEFA cup final. They had their supporters club's first visit to Riverside last season.

Steve McClaren banner

Gary Bolton snapped this banner in Einhoven. 

Shrewsbury Boro

It belongs to Mark and Geoff Stephenson in Shrewsbury, above.

Salop Boro banner

This Salop Boro flag has been all over Europe with Boro and England. It belongs to Geoff Landers, who also lives in Shrewsbury.

Acklam Smoggies

Young Acklam Smoggies on tour.

Gary Bolton's family and their Boro banner

Gary Bolton's flag is at the back of the Riverside Stadium East Stand at every home match and has been to eight different countries during our UEFA Cup campaigns. The photo shows Gary, his dad Jack and son James - three generations of Boro season ticket holders from the same family.  "We all feel that visual as well as vocal support is important to the team and the fans so we had the flag specially made," said Gary, who explains that the name "Bolts" is James' nickname at school.   

Operation Gumball banner

The Operation Gumball banner

Garry Hassell's Brighton Reds banner

"This flag has been to a few games, including Lisbon, Graz, Grasshoppers, Stuttgart, Basel, Roma and Bucharest," writes Garry H, of Birghton. "It has Middlesbrough patch badges on it, mainly from the 1970s but there is one on there from the 1930s, a silk job from a cigarette giveaway."

Leanne's Small Town in Europe banner  

"This is in Sophie's Bar in Stuttgart (Boro's unofficial pub)," says Leanne Smith. "My stepdad helped us make it, and this is me and my brother Craig Smith, showing the banner off. Wished we had managed to take banner with us to Rome and Eindhoven but unfortunately it was one of the ones lost there!"

The Juninho tribute on Thornaby's George pub

"While this is not a banner, it is an excellent piece of artwork painted on The George pub in Thornaby before the Carling Cup final." Sent in by Mike Wilson.


Richard Jones with his banner in Eindhoven

Richard Jones from Teesville has taken this nine-year-old banner been to all the top games and finals.

Boro European Tour banner

Paul Keenan's "European Tour" banner.

Zach Hodgeson in the Olimpic Stadium

"This picture was taken inside the Stadio Olimpico in Rome," writes Zach Hodgeson. "It was made by myself and my grandad and has been a couple of places in Europe, including Sporting Lisbon."

T and J with their banners

Anthony Crosby says: "This is a picture taken in Basel of T and J (Tony and Jerry). We have organised trips for ourselves and mates to all but two of Boro's games over two seasons. The banner was made from two flags from the Boro shop and some backing material." The flag could not have been done without the help of Jerry's wife, Pauline, who did all the stitch work. 

Boro in Rome

Phil Yates (right) and his mate Mike Farley took this banner to Rome. "The idea came from the fact Newcastle aren't in Europe and he made it from his mother's bed sheet and a tin of paint," he said.

Enny from Nigeria

Founder of Boro Supporters Nigeria brought his club's banner to Teesside for the Roma game. "That's me with the banner at the North Stand with some other fans during the first half break," he explained.

Chris Cockerill with his banner

"Me and a couple of mates decided we'd put a banner together as we're getting ourselves to more and more away games," writes Chris Cockerill. The picture shows Chris with mates Pete Cummins and Russy Parker at the Sumners Pub before the Preston game.

Mike and Steve Wedgewood

Brothers Mike and Steve Wedgewood are shown with their Teessiders flag in Joey's Bar, Alkmaar, before the AZ match. This flag can be seen at the back of Block 17 in the North Stand and also travels to away games. 

Mike and Steve Wedgewood

The second photo shows the Wedgewoods latest flag, in tribute to a popular chant sung on our ongoing European campaign! "We are pictured facing the crowds in Sophie's Brauhaus in Stuttgart -try explaining the meaning to interested German intellectuals!" says Mike.

Jessica Graham's dad and his mates at Wembley

"This my dad's mates going to the Coca Cola Cup years ago," says Jessica Graham, from Thornaby. "Don't know if f we won because I was only little but they had a good time at Wembley." Best not to ask the score Jessica!


Trader Jacks banner

James Limon and friends pictured with his Erimus flag in Alkmaar.

Erimus banner

"Here's a pic of us in Alkmaar and a pic of the Erimus flag in Alkmaar," writes James Limon

Chris Hill's Boro banner

"The banner was made just after the Carling Cup final," Chris Hill, from Leeds. "It was the idea of myself and my mate Martin and was made by my mam, Joan. It's basically commemorating our win and heralding a new dawn in the history of our football club, mainly Europe!

"It's made the trips to Villarreal and Lisbon so far and numerous other way games but doesn't get to many home games as both Martin and myself live away from Teesside now."

Johnny and Josh, from Redcar, in Zurich

Johnny and Josh, from Redcar, with friends in Zurich...

Caroline with her Dutch Boro flag

"I am Caroline and this is my Dutch Boro banner. When you see this in the stadium I be there too!"

Pat McCann's No More Tears banner

"This banner was made for the Carling Cup final," says Pat McCann. "It says it all! I knew we'd win I even predicted the score. Watch for it, I sit in the North West corner."

Pat and Nick before the Villarreal game

Pat and Nick before the Villarreal game

John Donovan's Erimus banner

"I decided to get it purely and simply because it is how I feel about the Boro," writes John Donovan about his Erimus banner. "I'm always an optimist so We Shall Be was very appropriate."

Kevin Hooper and John Donovan's banners

This Gibson banner can be seen at home and away games 

The Boro surfer at the Riverside

"The surfer is a collective shout of loyalty from fans that encompasses the old Boro and the new," says John. "Donations came from far and wide to pay for it totalling £2,500. The next project is underway."

Julie Glindon and friends, pictured outside the Millennium Stadium

Julie Glindon and friends, pictured outside the Millennium Stadium before the Carling Cup final.

Keith Wilson's We Are One banner

Steve Woodall's 40-foot banner which first went to the UEFA cup game against Lazio. It now goes to all home games.

The detail of Keith Wilson's banner

This picture shows the details from Steve's banner

Proud to come from Teesside

Simply Proud To Come From Teesside!

Erimus flag

In the city of Valencia the day of the Villarreal v Boro game, the words The Boro hanging from a hotel balcony, clear for all passing Boro fans to see!

Mark, Geoff and Jason in Valencia for the Villarreal match

Mark, Geoff and Jason in Valencia for the Villarreal match

A Boro banner in Lisbon

Dave Shepherd's mate Bob in Lisbon

Deep In My Heart banner

This is one of the most creative and familiar flags at the Riverside. "The inspiration came from the civil rights anthem adopted by Boro fans during our long wait for a major trophy, which was fittingly put to bed in Cardiff," explains designer David Harland.

"As well as Cardiff and the European Championships it has been to all of Boro's UEFA Cup games, home and away."

Ian O'Neill's flag

Ian O'Neill took this flag to the England v Croatia game at Euro 2004 in Portugal. "I haven't taken it to a UEFA Cup away trip yet but may do for the Sporting Lisbon game," he says.

Boro Yarm banner

Laurence I'Anson, pictured third from the right and his brother Joe, on the end, made this banner before Boro's FA Cup third round trip to Notts County.

 Time For A Cuppa!

Gerald Short and his girlfriend Nicola took this banner to the Carling Cup final. "Nicola came up with the slogan and that was it, we had to make it," he says. "We had it near the Bolton end where we were sitting so it didn't get on TV - until right at the end when there was a huge close-up!"

Warrington Reds banner

Warrington Reds banner

JT and family made this Warrington Reds flag for the UEFA Cup trip to Egaleo this season. "My son could see it on the telly but it didn't get shown!" he says. It now gets taken to home games, where it's proudly displayed in the North West Corner Lower. The first picture was taken at the Riverside and the second in Athens with an Olympiakos fan on the end.

Dave Griffiths' Middlesbrough Teesside flag

"There's no story to it," says Dave Grifiths about his bold Middlesbrough Teesside banner. "I just fancied getting one - it's yet to make it's debut at the ground. It should get a runout at the Charlton game. I prefer the old badge to the new, I associate more with that."

Goodbye Ayresome flag

Many fans will remember this banner from the emotional last day win over Luton Town at Ayresome Park. Sent in by Susan Warriner

Smogmonsters banner in Villarreal

Paul James' Smogmonsters banner, pictured here in Villarreal, must be one of the best travelled Boro banners of them all.

"The banner was a little mickey take of ourselves and to get us noticed during our trip to Portugal for Euro 2004," said Paul , from Eston. "It was at all the England games. It's been well used since and hopefully we can continue carrying it with us around Europe for years to come."

Jamie Wallace's banner

Jamie Wallace's Proud To Come From Teesside banner, made for the 2004 Carling Cup final at Cardiff

Boro banners displayed at Ostrava - Photo by Blades

Some of the banners and flags displayed on the terraces during Boro's UEFA Cup game at Banik Ostrava earlier this season.

Bolo Zenden - Photo-Brian Spencer, Highland Studios

Bolo Zenden unfurls the Cardiff Calling flag in the Boro dressing room after the semi-final success over Arsenal at the Riverside

Boro on tour - A Boro flag on display in the Big Swan Stadium Niigata - Photo-Empics 

This banner was spotted proudly sporting the Boro colours during England's World Cup campaign in 2002

Boro fans let it be known what they think of Juninho - Photo-Empics

 Juninho - Lord of the Riverside

Boro fans in Cardiff - Photo-Brian Spencer, Highland Studios

The town's motto, Erimus (We shall be) on a flag in Cardiff before the Carling Cup final

97 Boro Heaven banner

Of course, banners aren't an entirely new phenomenon, although their use has really caught the Boro fans' imagination in recent months.

Here Ken Dunn from Ingleby Barwick is pictured with a banner containing the flags of all the nations in the team at the time, taken in 1997, the year Boro reached both the FA and Coca-Cola Cup finals.

Wembley Heaven 97 banner pic

"It went to the FA Cup final but was never unfurled due to lack of enthusiasm after the early Chelsea goal and the decision that disallowed Festa's perfectly good goal," says Ken. "I left the banner in Wembley Stadium. RIP."