As a club we are committed to providing a first-class safeguarding service, for everybody involved in football or other activities at Middlesbrough Football Club.

We take our responsibilities for the safeguarding of vulnerable groups seriously and continuously strive to improve our performance.

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We are totally committed to:

  • Creating a safer culture for all visitors, and staff.
  • Promoting and encouraging early reporting of safeguarding concerns.
  • Dealing with safeguarding issues proportionately and fairly.
  • Developing systems to prevent harm to vulnerable groups.

If you have any concerns about your safety or the safety of a child or vulnerable adult (Vulnerable Groups) who engage in club activities, you can speak to any member of the Safeguarding Team:

Brian Robinson
Head of Safeguarding (MFC)
Call: 01642 757691

Yvonne Ferguson
Safeguarding Officer Matchday (MFC)
Call: 01642 757648

Marc McPhillips
Safeguarding Officer (MFC Foundation)
Call: 01642 454816

Barry Dawson
Head of Education and Welfare (MFC Academy)
Call: 01325 722222

The Safeguarding Team is overseen at Board Level by:

Robin Bloom
Board Level Senior Safeguarding Lead