With a background in sculpture, Neville Gabie’s practice is driven by working in response to specific locations or situations caught in a moment of change, including a number of former football ground sites.

'Ayresome Park is a trophy' - Neville Gabie

Neville Gabie’s football-related work has included the ‘Breaking Ground’ project uncovering Bradford Park Avenue’s long lost stadium and the recent Cambridge Rules 1848 project celebrating the city’s contribution to the creation of the laws of the game.

Football boots and jumpers for goalposts - Neville Gabie

Closer to home, Gabie led the ‘Trophy Room’ project on the site of Ayresome Park as part of the Wimpey Homes estate development at the turn of the century.

Neville Gabie talks about the Trophy Room project at Ayresome Park

Through a series of interventions across the whole site, Gabie marked out key features from Ayresome Park’s history including the spot from where Pak Doo Ik scored one of the old stadium’s most famous goals. The bronze sculpture of stud marks is thought to be the only public artwork outside of North Korea to be considered a national historic monument.

The story behind Pak Doo Ik's stood marks at Ayresome Park - Neville Gabie

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