With much of his work focusing on the Teesside of his childhood, Philip Meadows revisits a fast disappearing culture of flat caps and heavy industry along the banks of the Tees.

Philip Meadows’ work on the institution of Ayresome Park draws upon his own memories of attending the ground as a youngster. As well as capturing the atmosphere inside the ground, Meadows also paints the characters, rituals and sights that helped shape the matchday experience.

In Art of Ayresome¸, the former Cleveland Art College student portrays long-lost elements of going to the match. Meadows showcases the magical experience of hurriedly negotiating the streets surrounding Ayresome on the way to a night game, fulfilling the ‘squeeze’ rite of passage through the turnstiles, forming part of a sea of red and white on the Holgate terrace and topping off the day by getting fish and chips on the way home. 

Philip Meadows discusses his Ayresome-inspired artwork

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