North Korea’s win over Italy at Ayresome Park in the 1966 World Cup is one of the biggest shocks in football history and ‘the stuff of legends’ on Teesside. In 2020, Tifo Football collaborated with historian Dr Tosh Warwick to bring the story to life through animation and illustrations.

One of the world’s leading online football channels with over 100m views and nearly a million subscribers, Tifo Football’s interpretation of North Korea’s moment in the global football spotlight saw artist Craig Silcock bring to life Warwick’s research on the Asian’s World Cup achievements and its legacies.

How North Korea and Middlesbrough Became Unlikely Football Friends

As revealed in ‘How North Korea and Middlesbrough Became Unlikely Football Friends’, the sporting bond nurtured at Ayresome Park over fifty years ago has led to continued cultural and diplomatic connections into the modern day. Tifo Football’s portrayal of key events on and off the pitch has brought the story to a new generation and global audience. Through animation, commentary and illustrations, the enduring bond between Teessiders and the underdogs of 1966 is revisited, including a return to the site of Ayresome Park by members of the North Korean side in 2002.

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