David Joyes | Chief Financial Officer

David was appointed Chief Financial Officer in March 2018...

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Adrian Bevington | Head of Recruitment Operations

Adrian was named Head of Recruitment Operations in May 2018...

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 Senior Staff & Department Heads

Staff Name Job Title
Karen Nelson Club Secretary
Craig Liddle Academy Manager
Peter Hood Assistant Academy Manager
Howard Archer Head of Catering (Training Ground)
Tony Bell Head Groundsman
Paul Dews Head of Communications
Yvonne Ferguson Head of Supporter Services
Lee Fryett Head of Commercial
Kathryn Hancock Head of Human Resources
Liam McGuinness Sales Manager (Conference and Events)
Chris Patzelt Matchday Safety Officer
Anthony O’Donnell Executive Head Chef (Stadium)
Shauna Robb Head of Operations
Iona Sims Commercial Lawyer
Carleigh Stafford Sales Manager (Matchday Hospitality)
Jo-Ann Swinnerton Head of Retail
Bob Tait Head of Digital and Marketing Development

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Company Ownership Details

Middlesbrough Football and Athletic Company (1986) Limited is wholly owned by the Gibson O'Neill Company Limited, which is itself wholly owned by Steve Gibson and Mike O'Neill.