The UK Government has introduced reporting regulations under The Equality Act 2010 requiring companies with over 250 employees to annually disclose their gender pay gap.  Here we provide the statutory information from the snapshot date in April 2018 and the context of our results.

Mean Gender Pay Gap 77.81%
Median Gender Pay Gap 5.66%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 94.23%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 55.24%
Proportion Of Males Receiving A Bonus Payment 8.2%
Proportion Of Females Receiving A Bonus Payment 2.3%

Proportion of Males And Females In Each Quartile Band

Lower Quartile Lower Middle Quartile
Upper Middle Quartile Upper Quartile

The mean gender pay gap for Middlesbrough Football Club has been calculated at 77.81%.  This is a direct result of the highest paid people within the organisation being male footballers. The median average, which is less affected by extreme values presents a much lower pay gap of 5.66%.  

The mean gender bonus gap is 94.23% as this includes footballer bonus payments.

The quartile analysis shows that the biggest gap is within the upper quartile, which is expected when including footballer salaries.   

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Neil Bausor

Chief Executive