Working safely during COVID-19 at Middlesbrough Football Club


Middlesbrough Football Club (“MFC”) follow the Health & Safety Executive recommendations for Working Safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and comply with Government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19, making our workplace COVID-secure. This risk assessment template summarises the key hazards and control measures identified to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission, taken from the Middlesbrough Football Club CV-19 Risk Assessments.

MFC has carried out departmental COVID-19 risk assessments across the Stadium and Training Ground (“Club Sites”) to implement appropriate control measures to reduce the risk of infection and spread of the virus. These control measures have been implemented in accordance with Public Health England, the Health and Safety Executive, Government and Local Authority and EFL guidance.

The results of the risk assessment have been shared with the workforce and these measures must be followed by all workers to ensure the wellbeing of all.

The risk assessments are regularly reviewed and specifically if the nature of the operation changes or if government COVID-19 guidance changes.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that can affect your lungs and airways.  Symptoms can be mild, moderate, severe or fatal.  It is transmitted by small droplets that are created when infected persons sneeze or cough.  These droplets can be directly transmitted to another person or a surface and then transferred if a person touches their eyes, mouth or nose.


  • Workers – employees, staff, Players and Support Staff, consultants, volunteers
  • Visitors
  • Guests – members of the public using our facility
  • Contractors – direct and subcontracted

Individuals who are classified as vulnerable (classified by NHS as moderate risk) or extremely vulnerable (classified by NHS as high risk) may be present within any one of the categories listed above.

All workers must complete a Return to Work interview and/or sign an acknowledgement letter confirming their compliance with their relevant Return to Work Policy.  Any concerns will be discussed.  

Guests, visitors and contractors may be required to undergo screening prior to entry.

All persons who attend a Club Site must “check in” via the NHS COVID-19 App on their smartphone to scan the QR Code on entry to the Club Site or by completing a hard copy of the Health Questionnaire. 


Numerous control measures have been implemented to safeguard as far as possible against the risk of infection.  The following measures are a summary within each identified critical area.

Effective personal hygiene

  • Wash hand basins with warm water and soap available at multiple locations throughout Club Sites.
  • Posters displayed across Club Sites reinforcing the importance of correctly and frequently washing hands.
  • Alcohol-based sanitiser available at every entry and exit point, each office, communal area, place of work and generally throughout Club Sites.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and sanitising spray available in all offices, meeting rooms and communal areas.

Social distancing

Social Distancing is a key tool to reduce the risk of infection. The following measures have been implemented:

  • Introduced Keep Left and One-Way systems in specific areas (as applicable) – these areas are indicated by signage.
  • Staggered start/finish/break times throughout departments and specific entry/exit points to reduce congestion and queuing at peak times.
  • Re-configured offices and communal areas. Where required, reduced numbers of personnel in each office with signage to indicate maximum occupancy of rooms.
  • Workstations reconfigured to comply with minimum social distancing requirements.
  • Measures to prevent non-essential movement between work areas across all Club Sites.
  • Posters and markers placed throughout Club Sites to ensure social distancing compliance.


  • Increased cleaning of Club Sites throughout the day, with additional cleaning undertaken on high touch points such as door handles, light switches, bannisters, toilets, wash basins, etc.
  • Staff members informed that they must also be responsible for cleaning their own items and areas.
  • Additional supply of cleaning materials, recognising increased usage compared to normal, and providing Staff with a supply to allow them to immediately rectify any minor requirements on an occasion where the Facilities team are unavailable.
  • Non-essential shared items and equipment have been removed from each communal area.  Essential items, such as printers and scanners, have anti-bac wipes located nearby, with users required to wipe down after each use.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures to deal with any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Health and Safety Executive states that ‘PPE for protection against coronavirus is generally only required for certain healthcare activities. In a non-clinical setting, there is no need to provide different PPE than you would normally have provided before the outbreak started.’ Based upon current government guidelines, PPE is not required for general office Staff outside of the Medical Department.  Face coverings must be worn when in customer areas at any Club Site.  On a Matchday, all Matchday personnel must wear face coverings at all times.         

Workplace Practices


  • All general post and deliveries are handled by Reception.  Departmental specific deliveries must be pre-arranged and should follow the steps outlined on the Risk Assessment.
  • Personal deliveries to the workplace are not permitted.
  • After handling delivered items hands must be washed thoroughly.

Entering, Leaving and Movement within the Workplace

  • If a Staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19 or are contacted by the NHS Test and Trace whilst at a Club Site, they must inform their Line Manager or the HR Department via phone or email and leave at once.
  • Staggered start/finish/break times throughout departments and specific entry/exit points to reduce congestion and queuing at peak times.
  • Posters/markings have been placed throughout the workplace indicating if traffic is One-Way or Keep Left and to observe social distancing.
  • Movement across Club Sites has been restricted to essential only.
  • Where safe to do so, some doors have been held open to allow employees to move quickly without the need to touch door handles.  Fire doors and external doors are strictly to remain closed.  
  • Passenger lifts are restricted for transporting heavy items, or individuals who have a medical reason requiring use of the lift.  There should only be one person using a passenger lift at a time.
  • Meetings are to be held via electronic means instead of in person where possible.
  • If meetings must absolutely be held in person, maintain social distancing & avoid sharing equipment . Meeting room layout changed to ensure distancing can be maintained and maximum occupancy for meeting room stated.
  • All persons who attend a Club Site must “check in” via the NHS COVID-19 App on their smartphone to scan the QR Code on entry to the Club Site.

Communal Areas

  • Enhanced cleaning carried out by both cleaners and Staff members using provided cleaning materials.
  • A strict one in one out policy applied to all kitchenettes to ensure social distancing.
  • Staggered breaks to reduce the number of people using the communal facilities at one time.
  • Reduced seating capacity and designated seating plans to prevent employees sitting opposite or close to one another in communal areas.
  • Process in place for toilet facilities, including one-in, one-out in certain blocks to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Posters placed in each communal area to remind employees to wash hands, clean up and the rules that apply to each communal area.

Travelling to Work and Use of Company Vehicles

  • Employees are encouraged to use their own vehicle to travel to and from work.
  • Car sharing should be avoided where possible.
  • Employees are encouraged to seek alternative, individual methods of travelling to work such as cycling.
  • Employees who use public transport to come to work must follow the governments mandatory rules on wearing a face mask and take extra precautions such as washing hands more frequently.
  • Employees using taxis must follow the government rules on wearing a face mask or face coverings.
  • Company vehicle use has been restricted and those using fleet/pool cars should follow the steps outlined on the Risk Assessment, especially cleaning critical areas of the vehicles after use by the driver using cleaning equipment provided.

Managing Visitors

  • The frequency of suppliers and contractors accessing the workplace has been reduced to minimal levels. Only pre-authorised essential maintenance work can be carried out at Club Sites.
  • All meetings should be carried out electronically where possible.  Technology has been made available to allow for internal and external meetings to be carried out without face to face meetings.
  • All visitors attending Club Sites must “check in” via the NHS COVID-19 App on their smartphone to scan the QR Code on entry to the Club Site andcomplete a Health Screening Questionnaire which must be scanned to HR.
  • Visitors are encouraged to use their own pen when signing in. Alternatively, pen to be sanitised after each use.
  • If a visitor displays  symptoms of COVID-19 or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace whilst at a Club Site , they must leave at once.
  • At all times visitors must obey social distancing and hygiene rules.


Communication & training

Communication and transparency are absolute in helping to understand the measures put in place and gaining ongoing cooperation of Staff.

  • Frequent communication from management team to keep staff members informed of measures and updates.
  • Frequent email reminders, in conjunction with posters to remind staff of washing hands and social distancing.
  • Documentation in the form of a comprehensive procedure outlining all the measures taken.

Mental Wellbeing

MFC recognises that mental wellbeing and mental health is paramount. For those who require additional support,  the following measures are in place:

  • Communication from management and HR Department to discuss ways an individual can be supported.
  • Support to work from home, where appropriate.
  • Clear guidance in form of Return to Work Policies and Posters.

First Aid

The first aid risk assessment has been reviewed to take into account COVID-19 controls.  All employees who are First Aid trained will be informed of and acknowledge any amends in First Aid practice.


The following measures have been implemented to minimise the potential spread of COVID-19:

  • Wherever practical, windows and internal doors should be left open to encourage ventilation of the space instead of running air conditioning units. This action must not impact other safety considerations, for example reduced security as the entrances are not secure or fire doors being propped open.
  • Accredited HVAC engineers have audited and carried out maintenance on the air conditioning systems to ensure they are running correctly.
  • Air handling will be used rather than air conditioning where possible, bringing fresh air in, heating it when requested before the extract takes the heated air and replaces with a full cycle of fresh air.

Review & Monitoring

  • The Middlesbrough Football Club CV-19 Risk Assessments are regularly reviewed and specifically if the nature of the operation changes or if government COVID-19 guidance changes.

Dealing with COVID-19 in the workplace

  • Anyone who has been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms or who has tested positive must self-isolate for at least 10 days.
  • All employees must complete a Return to Work Form after self-isolation or completion of a COVID-19 test (whether a positive or negative result).
  • A dedicated secluded isolation area is available to deal with any COVID-19-related scenarios on Club Sites.