Middlesbrough Football Club is committed to helping supporters make the Riverside environment as colourful as possible, while also taking seriously their responsibilities for the safety of all fans.

The club acknowledges that it has a commitment to protect all supporters while contributing to a positive matchday experience. We know that many supporters like to display banners and flags when visiting the Riverside and we will always be as accommodating as possible.

However, in the interests of the safety and enjoyment for all supporters, fans should adhere to the following policy regarding banners and flags:

Flags, Surfers and Banners - General

1. The club reserves the right to refuse to allow flags, surfers or banners to be displayed, particularly if content is considered to be offensive, discriminatory, defamatory or inflammatory.

2. Any item that the club or any of its employees believe could potentially be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated.

3. Supporters are advised to seek approval from the club in advance of placing any order for a bespoke flag, banner or surfer to ensure compliance with these guidelines and any other conditions that may apply. Please email supporters@mfc.co.uk.


1. Flags should be no bigger than 150cm in depth or width.

2. Anything above these measurements will be classed as a banner and will therefore require a fire certificate and will need to be registered with the club (see Surfers and Banners).

3. The flag pole should be no bigger than 7mm in diameter and one metre in length. The flag pole material should be wood or plastic and be rounded at the ends.

4. Flags should be presented to stewards before entry to the stadium where they will be inspected and approved prior to entry.

5. The club reserves the right to confiscate any flags brought into the stadium without being approved prior to entry.

6. Supporters wishing to introduce flags on poles longer than one metre must contact the club in advance via email to supporters@mfc.co.uk. Subject to advance agreement with the club, such flags poles may be waved before kick-off but must not obstruct the views of others and under no circumstances are to be waved after kick-off.

7. Flags which are not subject to Section 6 above may generally be waved in the stadium. However, the club reserves the right, if appropriate, to ask supporters to resist from waving flags in certain circumstances.

Surfers and Banners

1. Materials measuring more than 150cm x 150cm will be considered as banners.

2. All banners and surfers should be made from, or treated with, fire-retardant material and a fire certificate must be produced. Proof of certification may be required whenever they are brought into the stadium.

3. On occasion, where a club designated sterile area (eg empty block of seats) is available within the Riverside Stadium, it may be possible for banners to be placed in the sterile area. Permission to do so must first be obtained from the club in advance via email to supporters@mfc.co.uk or, in circumstances where this is not possible, by a senior steward prior to entry on a matchday.

4. Banners will not be allowed where they may block advertising, signage, exit routes, restrict the views of other supporters or in any way compromise the safe operation of the stadium.

5. It is the responsibility of supporters who bring banners and surfers into the stadium to ensure they are securely fastened at all times. The club reserves the right to remove any articles that have not been appropriately secured or become loose during a match.

6. Large surfers/banners should be kept on site at the Riverside Stadium and issued to supporters on matchdays. Any such banners and surfers should be handed to stewards or taken to a designated area immediately after use.

7. The use of surfers or surfer-style banners designed to be passed over supporters' heads will not be allowed after kick-off.

8. Supporters wishing to introduce new surfers and banners must contact the club in advance via email to supporters@mfc.co.uk. The banner/surfer must be presented to the Club at least three working days before matchday with the appropriate fire certificate. The banner/surfer must also be presented before entry to the stadium, when it will be inspected by a senior steward.

9. Any surfers or banners brought into the stadium without being approved by the club will be confiscated.

10. A register of banners and surfers which meet fire safety criteria will be kept by MFC Supporter Services. A copy will be given to the Safety Officer to assist stewards in assessing approved articles.

11. The club reserves the right to change this policy as it deems fit or as required by the local authority, Sports Grounds Safety Authority or any other body that helps to determine the safety of spectators at the Riverside Stadium.

12. While the club endeavours to take good care of banners and surfers that are brought into the stadium, it accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur at any time.