New chairman Phil Bach appointed Darlington boss McIntosh as Boro tried to recover from the shock of the scandal that had blighted the club in 1911.

He helped the club achieve their highest ever league position - third in the first division - but with a potential championship team taking shape his plans were interrupted by the outbreak of World War One. 

Boro released their players and closed down, while Ayresome Park was used as a munitions store. 

McIntosh joined the Teesside Pioneers, a battalion of Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment), formed in Middlesbrough in December 1914. 

Saw active service in France as a sergeant. When the war ended he guided Boro to the Northern Victory League title and prepared the club for a return to normality. 

But in December 1919 an offer came in for his services from Everton and he left with the blessing of the Boro board. McIntosh died aged 56 in 1935.