Starting in the middle of September, there are separate courses for male and female participants, but one common aim – to improve your physical and consequentially mental health.

FIT BORO courses have proven very popular in the past, Alan’s story was an inspiration for many at the time and is often held up an example of just what you can achieve. 

He has suffered from M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) for the past 25 years, unable to do little or any exercise during this period. Last December, Alan had an annual health M.O.T with his G.P and was told that his blood cholesterol readings were high and unless he lost weight and became more physically active then he would have to go on medication to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Already consuming a number of different medications, Alan was alarmed at the thought of having to add another drug to his daily intake. Despite being teetotal for 25 years, due to an allergy to alcohol, he identified his fondness of chocolate and lack of exercise as his big downfall with regards to his weight control and general wellbeing.

His journey with FIT BORO began after an advertisement in the matchday programme caught his attention. Despite major reservations, he decided to sign up in an effort to lose weight, become more active and to avoid having to go on any additional medication.
By his own admission, Alan was amazed with the results he achieved over the course of the 13-week programme. His energy levels increased, he lost weight and also managed to conquer his long-standing M.E condition.

In addition to this, Alan also states that his blood pressure of 128/86mmHg and pulse rate of 73bpm is the best it has been for a long time. 

Alan said: “THE FIT BORO programme was great fun, very enjoyable and extremely worthwhile. The group I was with were a great set of lads and its really well run by the coaches from MFC Foundation. I especially loved the fact that it was based at the football club I have been supporting for over 50 years.

“I would seriously encourage anyone to take part.”

For details on the new courses, e-mail, you won’t regret it and it might just change your life.