We are proving Under-9 youngsters with a book titled Rory Red, which helps young children understand and talk about their inner feelings.

The book's message is that whether it's anger, sadness or worry, it's good to share how we feel.

After reading the book with their parents, we're encouraging the youngsters gift it to their school library so other children can benefit.

Academy graduate Stephen Walker said “This is a really good initiative by the Academy. It’s so important young people talk about how they feel.

"If we can encourage it an early age it becomes easier as children grow older.” 

Meanwhile, our Under-18s will be taking part in an online seminar for Mental Health delivered by If U Care Share. 

Barry Dawson Head of Education said: “This is the probably the most important life skill workshop that the boys take part in.

"It is so important for our young men to realise they are not alone in how they feel and there are people who can offer help in any type of situation they may find themselves in.

"The mantra of the organisation is it’s okay not to be okay, and it does help in encouraging conversations.”

The PFA Safety Net is available for all Academy players to talk about any issues or concerns they may have during their Academy journey.