Adam Clayton says he's delighted to have received recognition from the stands after he was presented with the Middlesbrough Supporters South Player of the Year award this week.

The midfielder has been no stranger to accolades over the past year, picking up numerous Man of the Match and Player of the Month awards, but now he's been honoured by those who watch him week in, week out.

"Obviously it's a really nice feeling to get praise from the stands and to win an award," he said. 

"I can't wait to get it home and show the missus and the family. Of course, they're the ones that watch every week and if you get their appreciation then you must be doing something right. 

"If the people who are paying to come and watch are voting for you then things are good. It's a really nice feeling, I'm getting praise from each stand so far and that's really good so I just want to keep going."

The squad are due back at Rockliffe next week to report for the start of pre-season, but Clayton has been back in early and says he's now counting down the hours until Monday.

"I've been in today (to Rockliffe) to do some running so hopefully I can win the same awards next year," he said. 

"I can't wait. I really am just waiting now. There's nothing much more to do, I can't go on holiday again so I'm gearing up, getting ready and counting down the hours. 

"I've got a couple of box sets to get me through to Monday."