The Boro Head Coach has been discussing the importance of each signing and just what his new players can bring to the table.

Starting with Boro's new number 9 Jordan Rhodes, here's what Karanka has had to say about the different qualities of each player:

Jordan Rhodes: 

"Jordan is a player who everyone would want to sign but he decided to join us. 

"It's a big step in his career and for me it's important that a player like him wanted to join us because it shows we're doing something well. 

"He knows after my chat with him that he's coming to a team and no one is above the team. He told me he's coming to add to that and is really pleased to be here. 

"I think he's a goalscorer, he knows the league and everyone respects him. 

"I can understand how pleased everyone is, but I have to say that we have a much better squad than we had one month ago which the main thing is for me."

Ritchie De Laet: 

"With Ritchie it was the same as David Nugent at the start of the season in that I didn't think he would be available to join us. 

"Ritchie is an experienced player who knows the league and was promoted with Leicester. 

"He knows the league and how to play with this kind of pressure. He knows how to play in the Premier League, too. 

"He's also a really good lad which is the main thing. Jordan, Ritchie, Gaston, Kike Sola or Julien - they all wanted to come and are really good lads."

Julien de Sart: 

"Of course, he's not going to be as important as Jordan, Ritchie, Gaston or Kike Sola because I don't want to put pressure on him. 

"I don't want to pressure our young lads, but we were lucky because he has a really good future. So for him to come here is a really big step. 

"I'm really pleased for him because he has a really good future and is also a good player for us at present."

Gaston Ramirez: 

"As a player, maybe not this year, but in the past everyone can see how good he is. 

"He played really well in Italy and played in the World Cup, so a player who has played in the World Cup is not a bad player. 

"He wants to play. It's important for me and it's not a problem that he hasn't played the last year because he's fully fit. He's training really hard because we have other important players and I know their character. 

"He's a hungry player. You could think it's a step back but for him it's a step forward because he wants to keep going and keep improving his career.

"It's good for me having a player like him come here and help us."

Kike Sola: 

"Kike Sola is a player who can bring something different.

"He is strong, he can play as a second striker and as a number 10. 

"He brings something extra we don't have."