MFC Foundation's meaningful work to counter food poverty in our region has received a huge boost after becoming one of Barclays’ UK charity partners.

In April, Barclays announced a £100m Community Aid Package to support charities that are helping people and communities most impacted by COVID-19. Alongside a colleague-matched fundraising initiative and the £10m pledged through their 100x100 Programme, Barclays is donating funds to charity partners across the globe to ensure help reaches those who need it most.

Our charitable arm will receive £100,000, money which will be used to fund the continuation of its work of distributing food parcels to those who need it most at this time. Working with the Food Poverty Partnership, the Foundation will also ensure that the funds are used to enhance sustainable food options in Tees Valley for the foreseeable future, ensuring that there are accessible and affordable options available for local people.

It's more good news for the Foundation's efforts against food poverty, which have been supported by Boro's players throughout - in April, the first team squad donated 1,000 food parcels, while later last year striker Ashley Fletcher spearheaded a campaign which saw over £25,000 quickly raised in a bid to fight child poverty in our region.

Helena Bowman, Head of Foundation, said: “This is a significant investment for MFC Foundation and will make a huge difference to individuals in our community who, unfortunately, are in a position where they require support with food. We will ensure that this funding is used to sustain a long-term impact and we would like to thank Barclays for their generosity.”

Barclays' chosen partners in the UK include those who are meeting the immediate needs of low-income families, those facing financial hardship, isolated elderly people, NHS staff and key workers.

Judith Richardson, Barclays Relationship Director, said: “This crisis has had an unprecedented impact across the UK and we know this is an incredibly challenging time for many in the Teesside region. By reaching those most in need of support, local charities, such as MFC Foundation have played a vital role in this crisis to date, and no doubt they will do going forward.

“As a proud member of our community, we are doing everything we can for our customers, clients and colleagues, and we hope that our partnership with MFC Foundation will allow many others to access the help they need as this crisis develops.”