In tandem with charitable arm MFC Foundation, the club have been striving to the Intermediate level over the last two years having been awarded Preliminary status in July 2017.  

After a rigorous independent evaluation including mandatory visits, the club presented evidence of our range of initiative and campaigns to an expert panel.

One of just a handful of EFL clubs to have so far achieved the Intermediate level, this achievement recognises our commitment to equality and acting against discrimination throughout our various operations both internally and as part of the local community, ensuring Boro is a welcoming place for all staff and supporters.

Since the launch of our dedicated equality programme ‘RiverSideBySide’ in 2017, steps that have been taken include the installation of multi-faith prayer rooms and an autism-friendly matchday Sensory Room at the Riverside, becoming the first club in the country to openly support breastfeeding for visitors to the stadium, and working with minority fan groups such as Boro Fusion to encourage more BAME attendees.

Read more about RiverSideBySide in our annual report below. 

Staff at both Rockliffe Park and the Riverside Stadium have attended a cumulative 200 hours of equality training as well as talks on the developments that have been made and how we can continue to progress. 

Helena Bowman, Head of MFC Foundation, chairs the club’s 10-person Equality Steering Group and delivered staff presentations along with Chief Financial Officer David Joyes (also the club’s Board Equality Lead), Head of Recruitment Operations Adrian Bevington, Head of Equality and Safeguarding Brian Robinson and Head of HR Kathyrn Hancock, as well as external representative Adeel Bashir from Ward Hadaway.

Helena said: “We’re delighted to have the club and Foundation’s progress recognised by the Premier League with the award of Intermediate Status. \

“Our targets have been club-wide, and this achievement is credit to the hard work and receptiveness of all the staff. 

“We hope we can now continue making strides to improve the standards of equality at MFC.”

Premier League Executive Director Bill Bush said: "Promoting equality and tackling discrimination are priorities for the Premier League, and we encourage clubs to develop partnerships, activities, and projects targeting under-represented communities and individuals using the Premier League Equality Standard framework.

“Middlesbrough's achievement in attaining the Intermediate level is testament to the entire club’s commitment to equality and their enthusiasm to progress.”