Since being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in May 2018, young Georgy has undergone 10 rounds of chemotherapy, five-and-a-half weeks of radiotherapy and, more recently, limb sparing surgery that involved taking away his entire humerus bone and elbow in his right arm to be replaced with a prosthetic titanium rod.

During this time, Georg and his family have spent much of their time travelling between Manchester Children's Hospital and Birmingham Hospital, where they specialise in bone tumours.

For the month of January, long-serving Boro physio Chris will be running 15k a day in support of his nephew and other youngsters affected by cancer, totalling 465k the distance between the hospitals and back home for Georgy.

Proceeds will be split between Georgy and his family and the CLIC Sargent, a youth cancer charity that as shown immense support to Georgy and others like him.

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