The club have been working closely with our charitable arm MFC Foundation to support the region in this period of uncertainty, delivering packages and meals, supporting our health workers and reaching out to the most vulnerable in our community.

While applauding the work of all the EFL clubs in unprecedented times, chairman Rick Parry pointed to Boro as one of three outstanding cases in a recent interview with The Times.

“We’ve seen the best of the clubs in many ways, shining examples in helping the community,” Parry said.

“It’s difficult to single clubs out — I feel I’m being unkind to others who also do brilliant work.

“But Plymouth are a really good example, Burton Albion are another very good example. They responded instantly as soon as the crisis started setting up a food distribution hub, making the stadium available to NHS for staff and key workers.

“Middlesbrough were delivering food parcels straight away, school meals and hundreds of phone calls to elderly and disabled supporters. There are beacons everywhere you look.”

Parry says that clubs have a responsibility to their supporters, and the return of football can be a positive distraction.

“Clubs do save lives by being there, by providing support, also by providing hope,” he said.

“Your bond with your football club is a massively deep emotional bond that is lifelong and spans generations so people will turn to their clubs in times of need. It is a big responsibility that we carry but it’s also a huge opportunity. It’s fantastic that so many clubs have recognised that responsibility and responded so positively.

“Working with great people, working with great clubs is a privilege. The EFL matters.”