On World Wildlife Day, Boro are joining some of the globe's biggest organisations in support of the World Wildlife Fund's 'World Without Nature' Campaign.

Boro are uniting with sports teams and organisations the world over in removing the nature from our branding, a move which aims to highlight the devastating impact that damage to our planet could have.

As the WWF put it, the natural world underpins our economy, our society, indeed our very existence - we depend on it for our health, happiness and prosperity. 

The iconic lion rampant is entwined with the history of Middlesbrough and our club, a permanent fixture on our crest throughout Boro's existence.

But today, Wednesday March 3, the lion will be missing on our social media profiles as we join forces with others in the WWF campaign.

You can find out more information regarding World Wildlife Day and the #WorldWithoutNature social media campaign here.