The Foundation’s Day of Action, the first of which was held last October and saw the full squad head to different projects within the community, will this year be dedicated to the RiversideBySide programme,  based around diversity, equality and inclusion.  

RiversideBySide is aimed at showcasing all of the work that both MFC, and its charitable arm MFC Foundation, do within the Teesside community to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Boro COO Mark Ellis said: “As a club we are very committed to ensuring we provide an environment where everyone is welcome.  

“We spend many, many hours both internally, and externally working with different community groups promoting this message, and we see RiverSideBySide providing a positive statement and further demonstrating our commitment to equality, diversity, and social inclusion.” 

Helena Bowman, Head of MFC Foundation, said: “MFC Foundation are proud to work with thousands of people on a weekly basis, providing quality delivery of sport, education and health activities for young people and adults here on Teesside.  

“Our goal is to use the power of the football club badge to raise aspirations and change lives in the local community. One of our core values is Inclusion; we aim to work with all individuals, irrespective of their age, background or ethnicity.  

“We strive to provide an environment which makes everyone feel welcome, with the hope of reaching more and more people every year.” 

During the course of today, we will be reflecting on some of the work we have undertaken since RiversideBySide was launched in April 2017. 

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