Neil Warnock says Boro’s pre-season is ‘all mapped out’.

The Boro boss has outlined his plans to speak to each player individually before they go away, and has already put the pieces in place for their return to Rockliffe in the coming weeks.

A week-long training camp is already booked in, with the manager's preferred Cornwall and Devon the destination, while more friendlies are set to be confirmed in due course.

Warnock is pleased that his players will have a more regular break after last year’s COVID-enforced truncated schedule, but he’ll also have a keen eye on ensuring the squad come back in good nick.

“Nowadays, it’s not like it used to be when players are off for ten weeks, and come back a week before to try and get rid of it all,” he said.

“It’s quite a long break compared to last time, when we only had three weeks.

“They go away with GPS things so we can tell what they’ve done when they’re away - three weeks holiday then everything’s geared towards coming in, in good shape. 

“They have a choice of coming in two to three days a week, then they’re all in at least a week before we start proper to see the levels they’re at.

“We’re talking about a group of lads where there isn’t a bad egg, so you don’t have to worry. They will all be working hard, they all want to get in the team. 

“We just need to make sure we have the sports science people get them gradually back up before I come in for that first week in July and hammer them. I hold my staff responsible for making sure it’s all in place. 

“The players have to be ready to come in straight in and do everything.”

Warnock says that the summer break also gives chance to give injured players important time for rehabilitation. 

“The lads who are injured will be coming in here and there,” he said.

“We’ve been looking into Dael Fry’s problem, for example, he’s had it twice now so he’s got a programme designed to eliminate it. We want them all 100%.

“We’ve got a dossier for each day in pre-season, from 10.30am onwards. I might deviate from it - if I think they haven’t done enough running I’ll add a bit more. 

“But in general it’s all mapped out now right up until our first game in the league.”