DESPITE a disrupted journey with the team stuck in York station for two hours taking the overall travelling time to Kings Cross to just over five, Boro's U23s returned their biggest win of the season away from home to the delight of Head Coach Graeme Lee.

"The journey certainly wasn't the way we planned it, but I think our football planning was just about right," said Lee as he boarded the coach for a trip home that would see the team land back at Rockliffe just after three in the morning.

"I think we could have been better, which might sound harsh after a 3-1 win (at West Ham), but there were things we could have done better. That said, we did a lot right."

The team left Darlington station shortly after noon, but were stuck in York for two hours, eventually arriving just after five into Kings Cross.

Plans for the pre-match meal had to be scrapped as the team were forced to go direct from the station to the ground, arriving just after six, less than an hour before kick-off. 

"We were given pots of porridge by the train staff," Lee reveals. "Then it was a case of off the train at five, at the ground just after six, change, warm up, get out and play.

"I just said to the players, 'forget the last six hours, does that make you worse footballers? No it doesn't, so no excuses, this is a fantastic stadium so get out and play."

And play they did, securing their first won away from home in the league since Norwich in August with goals from James Husband, Hayden Coulson and Marcus Tavernier. 

"We had good shape," says Lee. "It was an open game. Alex Pattison got in behind their midfield, which we thought would happen after watching the way they play.

"Dael Fry and Jordan McGhee were strong in the centre of defence, but right the way through there was a great work ethic in a committed performance.

"They came at us a lot in the closing stages and scored a great free-kick, but we stood firm.

"Who needs a proper build-up!"