MFC Foundation has teamed up with the Boro Walkers Association to launch a new fundraising campaign.

On your own or with your family, Boro fans are being challenged by the charities to climb the equivalent of a mountain this February - without having to leave home.

The average height of a staircase in a UK home is 7.87ft, so the Foundation have worked out how many times you would have to climb your stairs to scale the heights throughout the month.

• Everest – 29,079ft = 3,695 stair ascents = 131 ascents per day

• Kilimanjaro – 19,340ft = 2,457 stair ascents = 88 ascents per day

• Mount Etna – 10,922ft = 1,388 stair ascents = 50 ascents per day

• Ben Nevis – 4,413ft = 561 stair ascents = 20 ascents per day

• Roseberry Topping – 1,050ft = 133 stair ascents = 5 ascents per day

You don’t have to reach for the stars with this challenge – you can choose the mountain that you feel comfortable with and climb the equivalent vertical steps to reach your peak.

Anyone wanting to take the MFC Foundation Climb Any Mountain Feberest Challenge should register interest by emailing

Participants are encouraged to set up a Virgin Money Giving sponsorship page, and can upload photos undertaking the challenge to social media using the hashtag #FeberestChallenge.

Everyone who takes part will receive a certificate to acknowledge their efforts and will be entered into a draw to win some Boro treats.