The appointment of a new-look first team coaching staff – led by Jonathan Woodgate – is seen as the start of a new era as the club looks to implement a change in philosophy.

“We had a huge interest in the position and as a club we've conducted a very robust and thorough process, talking to numerous candidates across the UK and Europe,” said Boro CEO Neil Bausor.

“After a series of meetings with Jonathan, it became very clear he was the outstanding candidate to head up the role.

“Jonathan has got a very clear philosophy about his style of play, supported by the coaching staff and that absolutely aligns with the club's vision of where we want to go to develop a new identity.”

Head of Recruitment Operations Adrian Bevington outlined the united thought process in creating that new identity.

“We're really clear we're looking to build a club identity, a style of play that is recognisable as Middlesbrough Football Club with a clear philosophy,” he said.

“It gives us a golden thread that will run right through the club and all the age groups, which Jonathan is passionate about.

“It's a model that will ensure we recruit and develop players who fit that playing style consistently.

“It's very exciting with the coaches we have appointed and Craig Liddle, our head of the Academy, that these guys will be the architects of the new playing style.

“It's important that we're introducing younger players, part of this football club's history is the academy and we're committed to that. It's about being brave with the blooding of our Academy players.

“Of course we want to be smart in the transfer market but it's important to say we do already have a lot of detailed knowledge in the organisation of players across the UK and Europe and we're continually identifying new targets.

“It's going to be a joined-up strategy right across the club. We have a culture of learning what is good practice across the football business, sport and outside so we can take the best parts and develop for ourselves.

“Improving players through good coaching, developing stronger relationships with clubs domestically and internationally and delivering a style of play that excites the fans: doing everything to the highest professional standard.

“It's a long-term plan and we're really exciting about building something that is sustainable and that everyone connected to the club can buy into.”