It's been more than 500 days since Boro fans were last able to set foot inside the Riverside without any restrictions. Here we answer your questions...

Are there any changes to getting into the stadium?

Turnstiles will open at 1.30pm and 6.30pm as usual. There are no real changes, although the admission process may be a little slower so you may wish to allow a little extra time to enter the stadium. Sanitising stations will be placed at key points outside the stadium and we would encourage you to apply hand sanitiser before coming through your turnstile. Please remember that many of the staff are adapting to new processes – please have patience and show respect. 

Do I need to arrive at a specific time?

No, it is up to you when you arrive. However, we would recommend that you try and avoid the busiest times, which tend to be shortly before kick-off, and allow a little extra time to pass through the turnstiles.

Will I need to wear a face covering?

Although the law regarding face coverings has been removed, Government guidance still remains. We would encourage all supporters to bring face coverings with them and to wear them when in enclosed areas such as concourses and toilet areas. We would also suggest you wear them when entering or leaving the stadium and moving around inside the stadium.

Will the catering units be open?

Yes, we would expect most concourse catering concession and bars to be open as usual. .There is likely to be a small range of products available and we would recommend you pay by card where possible. Please look for the signage at each concession for guidance.

What about my free drink?

Season Card holders who received the benefit of a free drink during the 2019/20 season will still be able to claim a free drink at matches during 2021/22. Please be mindful that concourses may be busy so you may wish to come a little earlier to claim your free drink. Please also remember that free drinks cannot be redeemed at half-time.

Will the FanZone be open?

Yes, the FanZone, now renamed the Bridge Café Bar, will be open from two-and-a-half hours before kick-off. It will also be open after Saturday matches. Booking is not needed.

Will the Twe12th Man Bar be open after the final whistle?

Yes, the Twe12th Man Bar on the North concourse will be open after matches. Booking is not needed.

Will the Generation Red Family Zone be open?

The Generation Red Family Zone will open at 1.30pm and 6.30pm. The GRFZ will still be child-friendly, although at the current time there will be a reduced range of activities on the concourse.

I am worried about busy concourses, what should I do?

The vast majority of supporters will be double-vaccinated, providing a greater level of protection against Covid-19. If you are concerned about entering a busy concourse we would recommend that you change the times you enter. For example, you may wish to enter the stadium earlier or avoid the half-time period if you wish to use a concession or visit a toilet area.

Will half-time smoking areas still be available?


Do I need to be vaccinated to attend matches?

Receiving a vaccine helps to prevent or reduce the effects of COVID-19. However, at the current time there is no requirement for supporters to have received a vaccination.

Do I need to take a lateral flow test before each match?

No, but we would strongly recommend that you take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of arrival for every match and at regular intervals between matches. This is the best way of confirming that you are free of COVID-19 symptoms. 

I am concerned that I might get COVID-19 from another supporter. What should I do?

Please use common sense and your own judgement. You may wish to consider the following:

  • Arrive a little bit earlier to avoid the chance of queues
  • Wear a face covering when not at your seat
  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Avoid using the concourse or toilets at peak periods, such as half-time
  • Turn your back against people when you move past them
  • Remain in your seat at the end of the match and leave when most of the crowd has gone

What if I feel ill during the match?

If you are feeling unusually hot, have a new and continuous cough or lose your sense of taste you may have COVID-19. You should go home straightaway and book a PCR test. For any other condition or injury please inform St John's Ambulance staff or the nearest steward as normal.

Will I be able to go into the club shop or visit the Ticket Office?

Yes, the club shop and Ticket Offices will be open as normal on matchdays.

Will I be kept behind at the end of the match?

At the current time there are no plans to keep supporters back after the final whistle. However, you may wish to stay behind for a few minutes to allow most supporters to leave so that exit routes aren’t as congested.

Can I get autographs and selfies from players?

While we appreciate that many supporters like mementos from players, we would ask you to respect the players and refrain from asking for autographs and selfies at this time. Players have been instructed not to stop and sign anything or pose for photographs. 

Am I able to buy a programme?

Yes, matchday programmes and lottery tickets will be on sale outside the stadium before each home match.

When are you going to announce Sol Bamba?

Does 3.15pm on Tuesday work for you?

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