The FACTAS motto is ‘fans and communities together are stronger’ with the aim being to tackle issues of racism and extremism through education, inclusion, and outreach events.

The event, which attracted a number of different supporter groups and stakeholders in MFC, was hosted by Amjid Khazir, the Founder of Media Cultured, and our striker Ashley Fletcher joined an invited panel of guests to take part in a Q&A about the issues of racism and radicalisation within sport.

Fletcher said: “It was an on honour to be invited to the Riverside launch of Footy-FACTAS. As a club we have been working closely with Amjid and Media Cultured for a number of years now, and this campaign is another positive step for highlighting these issues.

“As footballers we are role models and as a football club we are at the centre of the community in this area. We have an important part to play in delivering these messages and highlighting them.

“It’s important we come together to reject racism and extremism, not just in football stadiums, but in our communities and online.”

Amjid said: “Footy-FACTAS Is about engaging with fans, local stakeholders and commercial partners to change attitudes, behaviours and language in and outside of stadium and to reject all forms of hate in society

“Football can be a ‘vehicle for change’ but this education can’t be simply about behaviour in the ground it has to reach beyond and into our communities 

“The approaches so far have worked to some degree but this is about legacy and pushing back against the new challenges football and our country is facing, we can all do more and this is just the start of a brilliant new initiative.”

Working with Footy-FACTAS will be another key objective for the club’s own anti-discrimination campaign RiversideBySide, which is designed to promote inclusivity and equality at MFC and the Riverside Stadium.

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