Our official matchday magazine #UTB has been catching up with members of the first team squad this season as part of a "Getting to know you" feature. 

Here's your chance to get to know loan man Calum Chambers... 

Who was your hero growing up?
David Beckham.

If you could change one rule in football what would it be?
Instead of red cards you would get sent to a sin bin but be allowed back on after a while.

What's your trademark dish in the kitchen?
Spaghetti Bolognese.

What's your favourite smell?
Bond No.9 - West Side aftershave.

Favourite stadium?
The Emirates.

Toughest opponent?
Jefferson Montero.

Win the Champions League or World Cup?
World Cup.

Would you rather be a professional tennis player or golfer?

Best teammate you've ever played with?
Santi Cazorla.

If you could play in any other position than your own what would it be?
Number 10.

If you could add one strength to your game what would it be?
I'd like my left foot to be as good as my right.

Pick four other players for your dream five-a-side team.
Koscielny, Zidane, Henry and Messi.

Most used app on your phone?

Best moment of your life so far?
My England debut.

What would be your last ever meal on earth?
A homemade roast dinner.

Biggest career influence?
My family.

Which team do you support?
I don't really have a team, to be honest. I didn't really support anyone as a kid.

Instagram or Twitter?

Whose name did you have on the back of your shirt as a kid?
Beckham on a Man United shirt.

What's your worst habit?
It was biting my nails but I've tried stopping that.

Best chant you've heard at a match?
Probably the last game of last season when Spurs lost to Newcastle and we (Arsenal) won our game which meant that they finished below us. The Arsenal fans were going mad singing "it's happened again" and it was funny.

Desert island songs:
Drake - One Dance
Tory Lanez - To D.R.E.AM (I Told You)
Eminem - Lose Yourself