The Teessiders were beaten by a flurry of late goals from home side Heidenheim in what was the second of two friendly fixtures on Saturday.

The Boro boss says that win or lose, results at this stage are not imperative.

“No-one likes getting beat, but it’s pre-season,” he said.

“I will still take positives from it, and I’ve learnt so much from that game.

“I’ve learnt about players, and what we need as a team going forward.

“We gave a few younger lads an opportunity towards the end, and I’ll take the positives from that - the likes of Nathan Wood, Terry Stephenson, Isaiah Jones.

“You see a lot in these types of games, things I don’t like and things I do, like good character.

“We’ll look through it all again on Monday.

“The real test will be the start of the season, and the end of the season.”