The easiest way to buy tickets for Boro matches is online at

Seats can be booked online 24 hours a day by visiting our online Ticket Office.

Linking Your MFC Digital Account

Supporters will use a free MFC Digital Account to purchase tickets online. You can link this account to a Season Card using the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Login to your MFC Digital Account. If you do not have one you can click Join Now to set one up.
  • Once logged in you will be directed to a link your ticketing account page.
  • Type your 'Boro Reference' in the box towards the bottom of the page and click ‘Link’. Your Boro Reference can be found on your Season Card.
  • After you click 'Link' it should take you to the ticketing home page where you will see ‘Hello (Forename)’ in the top right.
  • You have now successfully linked your account.
  • If you click on 'Hello (Forename') in the top right you will be taken to your ticketing profile and can access various features. You can change personal details, add friends and family, view ticket purchases/history and also view an audit trail of your Priority Points. 

More info and video guide

Adding Friends And Family To Your Account

You can also purchase tickets on behalf of friends or family members by adding them to your ticketing network. 

  • Visit
  • Login to your MFC Digital Account.
  • Click on ‘Hello (Forename)’ in the top right to access your ticketing profile.
  • Once on your profile, click on 'Manage My Relationships' under the 'My Friends/Family' section.
  • Click on 'Create A Relationship' to add a friend/family to your account.
  • You will need to complete the relevant details to identify the supporter as a friend or family.
  • If the person you are adding has purchased tickets from us within the last three years then they will more than likely have an existing ticketing account.
  • The 'Boro Reference' of the supporter you are wanting to add is required, this can be found on a Season Card or ticket confirmation emails, alternatively you can contact the ticket office at or call 01642 929421.
  • The supporter's postcode or last name is also required, you do not need to enter both.
  • Once you click 'Identify', it should locate the relevant supporter.
  • Once you are happy, click 'OK'.
  • You will now see the supporter in your 'My Friends/Family' section.

More info and video guide

Assigning And Buying Tickets

Once a friend or family member is part of your ticketing network, you can purchase tickets on their behalf as well as your own.

  • Visit
  • Login to your MFC Digital Account.
  • Choose the game you wish to attend along with your desired seats.
  • Add the tickets to your basket.
  • If the tickets have not been assigned to the individual supporters, you may see an error message at the top of the page indicating that the number of tickets owned by a supporter exceeds limitations. 
  • To change this, click on the 'Owner' of a ticket.
  • This will then bring up the list of those in your 'My Friends & Family' list.
  • Assign each ticket to the relevant supporter attending the game.
  • Once each ticket is assigned to an individual supporter the error message will disappear and you will be able to proceed with your purchase.

More info and video guide