Season Card holders have been provided an access code to watch all of Boro's remaining games this season, while other supporters can sign up on a match-by-match basis at our new Matchday LIVE website.

If you're yet to set up your account, had some issues already or just need a reminder of the key information, we've outlined key troubleshooting tips below which we found were frequently helpful for Boro fans who have been in touch.

You can also refer to our step-by-step set-up guide, which is available in video format below.

Top Troubleshooting Tips

1. If you are watching via a mobile device, which includes smartphones and tablets, you MUST do so via the MFC Official App.

In line with EFL regulations, supporters watching on mobile devices can ONLY watch matches using the MFC Official App.

If you are signed in at our streaming service with a valid Season Card subscription or match pass purchase, you will see the option to 'Listen Live' - but to watch you will be directed to download the MFC App.

The step-by-step guide here or video above will show you how to access live streaming via the MFC App.

Please also note that, in line with EFL rules, smart TVs, casting devices and games consoles will not permit live streaming access.

2. If you have already redeemed your Season Card voucher code, you don't need to do so again

Once redeemed, your single Season Card code remains valid for all of the remaining games. Just make sure to keep using the same MFC Digital Account login you used when you redeemed your voucher code.

Likewise, pre-existing seasonal subscribers to our Matchday LIVE service will see their subscription remain valid using the same login at or via the MFC App.

Non Season Card holders, please note that in line with EFL rules, match passes are available on a game-by-game basis, costing £10 to watch here in the UK. You won't receive a code, once purchased the pass is valid against your MFC Digital Account.

3. You CAN change between devices using your MFC Digital Account login

If you have redeemed a Season Card voucher code or purchased a match pass, you can change the device that you watch on - so long as it's not done simultaneously on more than one.

The subscription or purchase is valid against your free MFC Digital Account, so use this login on whichever device you choose to watch on. 

As above, please note that if you are on mobile or a tablet, you will need to watch via the MFC Official App.

4. Check your internet connection 

If you have experienced slow connection and/or buffering during a game, please be sure to check your personal network and internet status.

Our broadcasts have been met with widespread success, with few, isolated reports of problems.

Our system requirements and recommendations can be found here.

Further Support

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our streaming support service via email at

This includes if you haven't received your Season Card voucher code - in this case please send an email to the address above providing your name and Boro reference (displayed on your Season Card).

We'd urge supporters to get in touch as early as possible if they are having problems to allow time to get set up successfully.