The MSF was set up in early 2017 with the aim of bringing together Middlesbrough Football Club supporters groups to raise any issues they have and discuss a variety of topics at monthly meetings.

Since their inception, the MSF have brought forward many initiatives to the club, including the introduction of Foodbanks at Boro home matches, and have had positive discussions around away ticket sales, the matchday experience, plus much more.

Chris Joseph, the founder of MSF, says the relationship between the forum and the club is healthy as they come up to their second-year anniversary.

“It’s a very healthy forum, it’s a debating forum for fans but it’s not just a talking shop, we actually do get things done,” he said.

“We come together and we have civilised meetings, but we’ve now pulled together 23 meetings, with our 24th meeting on Monday (December 10), and the club is also good enough to give us access to the rooms at the club for meetings.

“We do have full and frank discussions around the table and it’s healthy - it’s a very healthy relationship.

“The other thing that’s important is that we are independent of the football club and we want to stay that way because that’s the best way of us being able to influence, and it’s also the best way for us to be in front of the club. We can be frank with each other, which is good.”

MSF have already pushed through plenty initiatives, and ones raised by Boro supporters in just under two years.

Plenty more initiatives are in the pipeline, including the potential introduction of a Sports Fan Railcard to help provide cheaper travel to matches for supporters, providing extra facilities for elderly supporters and more.

“We’ve worked to a number of initiatives recently, including safe standing, Foodbanks at Boro matches and we’re talking about the Sports Fan Railcard where fans can buy an Under-24 card or whatever it happens to be,” Joseph explained.

“We’ve recently made two seats available on the MSF for our meeting on Monday for two people who have approached us and who want to come in and see what we do and offer their help.

“We’re also canvassing facilities for elderly fans on the concourses, we’d like to see a few seats, and another issue is heating on the concourses and we’re going to try and get that on the agenda and see where we can go with that.”

The minutes from every Middlesbrough Supporters Forum monthly meeting are published here

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