Boro face a run of nine games in 28 days and almost a fifth of the regular season will be played at breakneck speed over the next month.

The influx of games sees clubs play two games a week up until December 19 and squads up and down the country will be tested to the full.

“This something we’ve never experience before,” said the Boro boss.

“It’s going to be a big challenge for all the squads and the staff.

“We’re going to have to look at players who might be fatigued and we’re going to have do things we’ve never done before.”

The boss says managing his players and their bodies will be key during the hectic period.

“Rest and recovery will be the most important thing,” said the boss.

“Tuesday this week was the last training session where we were really able to push them. I can’t see us being able to train like that again until after Christmas now.

“In the last run of games, we had an extra day because we’d played Tuesdays, but now we play every Wednesday up to Christmas and that really only gives you one day to prepare for the game on the Saturday.

“It is a step into unknown, but we’ll crack on like everyone else, and keep our fingers crossed that we can come through the period ok and without injuries.”