NHS Blood and Transplant have upcoming blood donation sessions at the Riverside on Thursday March 25, with lots of available appointments - and you could help by booking a slot to donate blood today!    

NHS Blood and Transplant are working closely with the rest of the NHS to keep supplying lifesaving blood to hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic and need people to keep donating as normal.

Extra safety measures are in place and every precaution is being taken to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission at the blood donation sessions. Having an appointment to give blood is classed as essential travel and will be exempt from any local or national travel restrictions.    

Black, Asian and minority ethnic donors are also specifically needed right now, because:   

  • Some patients who receive frequent blood transfusions need blood to be closely matched to their own   
  • A number of blood conditions, like sickle cell disease which is treated through blood transfusions, most commonly affect black, Asian and minority ethnic people   
  • The best match typically comes from blood donors from the same ethnic background  

While people from all communities and backgrounds do give blood, fewer than 5% of our blood donors who gave blood in the last year were from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.  This is despite BAME communities representing around 14% of the population. This balance needs readdressing.

Whether you are a new or regular donor, please visit blood.co.uk, download the NHSGiveBlood app or call us on 0300 123 23 23 to book an appointment today.    

Thank you for helping us to save lives.