After Boro announced a price freeze on Season Cards for the 2017/18 campaign, we asked Boro fans to tell us how, where and why they show their support for our club. Here we have even more of your responses!

What the Boro means to you...

Craig Roberts: "#myBoro means the world to me. When we got promoted back to the Premier League last season, the feelings I felt that day ere incredible and to share every moment of it with other fans was something special #UTB"

Sue Willis: "I was born in Parkside Hospital and lived in Clive Road, my first memories were the roar of the crowd when the match was on at Ayresome Park, it was amazing and memories of my Dad walking home after the match. Still love and support Boro today, Dad would be proud!"

Michelle Bestford: "#myBoro means being part of the best fans in the world and supporting my boys week in week out no matter what"

Dwaine Martin Butters: "I will always remember that feeling I had at my first game at Ayresome Park. It was April 1994 and we won 5-0 an own goal, two from Jamie Pollock and two from Paul Wilkinson. I remember it like it was yesterday"

Karl Peter Herlufsen: "To be a Boro fan, means I know who I am, and the world knows who I am"

Jake Dunning: "It means the world to me - red through and through, it's in my blood! Up the Boro"

Xanemsharifx: "#myBoro means a lot to me because it's my town. I love Boro and I couldn't think of anyone else to support They make me proud and they try harder than anyone! #UTB"

Nichola Roberts: "It's my love, my life, my everything! Boro 'til I die!"

Glinders: "What #myBoro means to me is pride and unity in my local team and local area"

Lesley Corcoran: "My first love - my Dad used to take me every Saturday and used to lift me over the turnstiles. Since then that's where my heart lies"

Austin Richie: "You're asking us to put it into can't! It's emotion, it's shedding a tear every time you hear an Ali Brownlee clip, it's the adrenaline of a last-minute winner, the gut-wrenching despair of a later minute equaliser for the opposition. It's defending them to the hilt in a pub full of's part of my life and always will be!"

Jonathan Spence: "#myBoro means industry...heart...passion. My life, family, Ali Brownlee - it's a way of life. Means everything to me. The club, the town, the people. We are Boro! #UTB"

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