Anxious to put the last 18 months behind him, Patrick Bamford wants a chance to show what he can do - and he feels he's in the right place to do just that.

"When I was here 18 months ago I connected with the fans and everyone around the place," he says. "It left an imprint on my heart. It meant a lot to me that the Boro fans were still in touch when I was with other clubs and it wasn't going that well."

It hasn't got that well for some time as loan moves from Chelsea failed to work out. Bamford, a more mature person now, is the first to admit he wasn't blameless.

"There have been times over the last 18 months where I've been more upset than people think. There were numerous times where I would ring my family on the way home from training and say look this isn't working, this is getting to me, it's really hard, I'm doing my best.

"I think I have to take some responsibility for that, I could have done things differently, but I still don't think I was given a chance.

"I'm leaving all that in the past, this is a fresh start.

"What the last 18 months has done is make me strong. It has made me determined to fight for my shirt and when I get it never let it go.

"It has toughened my resolve, it made me not want to feel the way I have again.

"I'm absolutely delighted to be back to be honest, it's something I have pushed for and I'm delighted it's over the line."

Just 33 minutes of playing action this season, though, means Bamford will have to be patient as he recovers match sharpness.

"The last 18 months hasn't been ideal, I haven't played as many minutes as I wanted or needed and my development has stalled a bit," he admits. "I had to make a big decision and thought where was the next step in order to get my game back on track? 

"There was only one club that came to mind where I felt that could happen. I couldn't be more happy.

"It's a big step to leave Chelsea. It's a massive move. I have a lot to thank them for, they gave me a chance to become a footballer properly. Forest did a lot for me too. The loan process has a lot going for it, apart from the last three for me, but after six loans my next move had to be permanent.

"I think there is a lot more improvement to come from me, a lot more development.

"I'm fit, I wouldn't say fully match sharp yet, but fit, yes.

"After I was back an hour it was like I hadn't been away, it's been fantastic, the way I have been welcomed back. But I want to play now.

"I can't understand when some people say footballers are happy to sit on the bench and collect their money. I can honestly say I don't think any footballer is happy on the bench, every player wants to play, and it has been frustrating for me.

"It's time for me to push on and stake my claim."