Amjid Khazir, Director and Founder of Media Cultured, delivered the workshop on preventing radicalisation and tackling extremism to our Under-15s and Under-18s on behalf of Kick It Out.

The session, which has been delivered to a number of other Academies across the country, provided awareness of extremism and how it can be prevented in communities in and outside of football.  

Boro’s Academy Head of Education and Welfare Barry Dawson said: “The Preventing Radicalisation presentation delivered by Amjid Khazir on behalf of Kick It Out proved to be a valuable lesson in highlighting the power of the internet and social media in distorting the truth and glorifying hatred in the name of a particular race or religion.

“The message was very clear - these type of messages have no place in our world, as an individual or an organisation we all have a responsibility to prevent radicalisation.”

Under-18s players Terry Stephenson and Harry Green said: "The preventing session we did with Amjid gave us an awareness of extremism and how we can help to prevent it in our own communities in and outside of football."

Under-15s and Under-16s players Lucas Howe, Stephen Bolam and Nathan Simpson added: "Amjid's presentation on preventing radicalisation taught us no matter what religion, race or country a person is from, we are all equal."