MFC are committed to equality and acting against discrimination throughout our various operations as a football club, ensuring Boro is a welcoming place for all staff and supporters.

As part of that pledge, we’re working closely with our official charity, MFC Foundation, and aiming for Intermediate level of the Premier League’s Equality Standard, one which has currently only been obtained by three other clubs across the EFL.

Since the launch of our dedicated equality programme ‘RiverSideBySide’ in 2017, steps that have been taken include the installation of multi-faith prayer rooms and an autism-friendly matchday Sensory Room at the Riverside, becoming the first club in the country to openly support breastfeeding for visitors to the stadium, and working with minority fan groups such as Boro Fusion to encourage more BAME attendees.

Staff at both Rockliffe Park and the Riverside Stadium were this week invited to talks on the developments that have been made and how we can continue to progress.

Helena Bowman, Head of MFC Foundation, delivered the presentations along with Head of Equality and Safeguarding Brian Robinson and Head of HR Kathyrn Hancock.

Helena said: “It’s been a positive exercise and the staff have been very receptive. 

“The club have made big strides in recent years in terms of education and attitude towards equality and diversity, and in order to continue that progress we see it as vital to have those working for the club leading the charge on an everyday basis.”

View a timeline of RiverSideBySide progress so far.