In an initiative supported by MFC Foundation, the charitable arm of Middlesbrough Football Club, working in association with Youth Focus North East, communities have been challenged with chalking their street.

The results, on and off the pavement, have been spectacular.

The residents of one such street, Coral Street in Saltburn, bought into the initiative wholeheartedly with both sides of the road adorned with chalk messages and drawings.

Commenting on the project, one lady who simply wanted to be known as Michelle said: "It was amazing just to have the opportunity to take part. There is not one person on our estate who isn't thankful for that.

"People are still talking about it and how much they loved it. It’s brought everyone together and talking to each other."

Michelle added: "We had a Facebook group for the chalk event, but now everyone wants to keep it and for us all to have something regularly.

"To say everyone was behind closed doors, lonely and scared, everyone came out on the streets and spoke to their neighbours. There was so much laughter and enjoyment.

"I loved just stepping back and seeing everyone together and the laughter was infectious."