Neil Warnock says he will play as strong a side as possible at Brentford in the Emirates FA Cup tomorrow.

Boro’s match preparations have been disrupted by several positive COVID-19 tests earlier in the week, which meant the Rockliffe Park training ground has been effectively closed. 

“We were glad we did the testing earlier in the week,” Warnock said.

“We didn’t have to until Thursday, but we got them in on Monday to do it.

“I’m pleased we did that now, so the lads who need to can isolate.

“I love the FA Cup, Brentford’s a great place to go to, and I don’t want to just throw the tie away - I want to play as strong as side as I can.

“Yes it will be a weakened side, probably 50% of the squad will be Under-23s, but that will be supplemented by first team lads. I think that’s better for the U23s as well.

"I'm sure Brentford will have their own problems. It’s just shuffling the pack and seeing what we’ve got really. Whatever side we play will still have plenty of ability.”

Warnock hopes the players who come into his side can make a good impression.

“The lads that are in the team have something to show me. A few came and volunteered to play, which I was really pleased to see.

“Those that aren’t travelling, we’ve given them a GPS and the fitness lads have given them sessions they can do at home, because we probably won't be back in until Wednesday.”