Below is information and advice for fans, particularly when buying online at

Ticket Limitations

Our ticketing system now asks for each ticket being purchased to be allocated to a specific supporter. An individual can still purchase multiple tickets in one transaction, they simply need to put a name to each ticket.  

Failure to do so will result in the error message the "the quantity of tickets owned by x exceeds limitations."

The process to assign tickets is quick and simple, and more information can be found here.

Age Validator

Our online age validator requires supporters to have provided date of birth details for each ticket holder before buying tickets.

In practice, this means is that tickets can only be assigned to supporters with the correct age criteria, for example an Over-65 ticket for a supporter aged 68, an Under-18 ticket for a supporter aged 16.

The age validator has been implemented at specific and limited times so far this season, however the club has a view to make this a permanent requirement in future.

Note that the majority of Season Card holders will already have provided D.O.B. details, so the validator will largely apply to match-by-match purchasers.

To add or change the date of birth information on your account, please contact the Ticket Office on or 01642 929421 (calls charged at local rate).  

Why Are MFC Putting These Measures In Place?

In the first instance, assigning each ticket allows the correct allocation of Priority Points, which will be used in the event of high-demand, limited allocation matches. 

In addition, these measures give us a clear picture of those coming to our our games, crucial information to shape future campaigns and strategies for the benefit of our fanbase.

It means that when we reach out to supporters, it is more relevant to each individual - but fans still have control of the communications they receive from the club by via the preferences settings within the MFC Digital Account.

Once It’s Done, It’s Done!

Providing this information is a one-time process - once a supporter has an up-to-date ticket account set up there won’t be any hassle on future purchases, they can buy for themselves or be assigned to a ticket by another fan using their unique Boro Reference.

For any further queries or information, please contact the Ticket Office on or 01642 929421 (calls charged at local rate).