Marcus Browne has been benefitting from Virtual Reality technology as he works back to fitness at Rockliffe Park. 

After a promising emergence under Neil Warnock at the start of the year, the midfielder was struck down with an ACL injury in our FA Cup tie at Brentford. 

But the Boro boss has since praised Browne's attitude and application as he works hard to return to playing. 

While he has not long since returned to individual training on the grass pitches at Rockliffe, Browne's recent rehabilitation schedule has included the implementation of VR, thanks to a visit from Manchester-based company Rezzil.

"The player is put into a virtual football environment," explains Anthony Dyer, Rezzil's Commercial Director.

"To the outside world, it looks like he's playing a football without a ball - he goes through a series of drills, and we can see what he sees on the monitor. 

"In the background, the system takes a series of measurements - left foot right foot, dominance, speed, touch, accuracy, response time - which will give an overall score.

"It can be used at Academy level for talent ID, or post-match analysis, but also for rehab from a long term injury.

"We do a lot of work with keepers and players with lower leg injuries, like ACLs, because it removes risk of injury."