Kemp, who’s been assistant to Pulis at Plymouth, Stoke City, Crystal Palace and West Brom, linked up with the Boro boss two weeks ago, and he’s got the buzz again after his brief break. 

“Tony Pulis taking this job and the timing of the year that he took it, he was under a bit of pressure,” said Kemp. 

“It’s not like the summer where you can get a lot of plans out, we had to hit the ground running. He asked me if I wanted to come in and help and he asked me at the right time – the adrenaline’s pumping and it’s a lifestyle.

“I’ve been very fortunate and I’ve had a long career and it’s been brilliant wherever I’ve been. You hope to use that experience."

Kemp has a wealth to call upon with a career in football as a player, manager and an assistant spanning over 40 years.

“It’s 18 years since we’ve been doing it, so it’s a long time,” he said. 

“It helps that I’ve been a manager so I know the pressure the manager’s under. 

“If you can appreciate that and realise that you’re not the manager and your job isn’t to be out front and do all the stuff.

"You’ve got to fill in the bits the manager can’t do so that becomes a whole and that two of you are covering all the bases.”