Leo joined Boro's new-look coaching outfit on Friday, working under a familiar face in head coach Jonathan Woodgate. 

The fan favourite admits that Boro's call would always pull on the heartstrings.

"When Boro rings, the heartbeat is very strong," he said.

"It's hard to say no. You just want to make sure that I'm not only here because I'm a good lad, good boy or friendly man.

"It's because I have the talent to do the job, because we all want what is the best for this club.

"So to come here to try to help, to try to recover the identity we have lost in this time, it's work and a challenge that makes you improve."

The Uruguayan, previously Boro's goalkeeping coach between 2014 and 2017, says he wants to prove that there is more to him than just passion after joining from Brazilian top tier side Fluminese.

"I am proud for Woody to choose me and that the club support the idea because Woody knows too many names, too may people!

"But he made this decision and we make sure that I show that - in the water, people see this big iceberg, Leo.

"People see the passion, the love, the desire.

"But under the water, still Leo, is knowledge, experience, with some talent. I know Woody knows that from behind the scenes.

"So this is the time I have to show I am much more than only passion."

Nevertheless, Leo is excited to rekindle the relationship with the Boro fans, with whom he struck such a strong chord in his first spell on Teesside.

"We want to win. We want to make this place a great club like it is," he said.

"We have all the support from the club, from the manager. We work as a unit, and I know for sure we will have all the support from the fans because they will recognise themselves in this team - what is Teesside, what is Tees pride.

"So the idea is it to make it strong again, the Riverside fortress. Every team coming here, they will dread it. They know we have this loyal army supporting us.

"We need the time, we need the patience because it's not going to happen tomorrow.

"But it's starting to happen now and that is fantastic."

Watch the full interview with Leo Percovich in the video player above.