Today's digital match sponsor is Propipe Limited, thanks to a donation from Gold Partners Stockton Machine Company. 

As our official sponsor for this afternoon's match against Millwall, Propipe will appear on the club website and social media as well as LED advertising boards and our Big Screen throughout matchday.

Established in 1998, Propipe designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of pipeline pigs, pipeline plugs and pig tracking equipment for the oil and gas industry. Propipe has facilities across the UK and Canada servicing the worldwide market.

Their UK base in Hartlepool features design offices, polyurethane casting and fabrication workshops plus internal/external testing facilities. Pipeline pigs range from foam pigs, cup pigs and disc pigs, with specialist designs for multi-diameters, long runs, high friction and a host of applications.

Pipeline plugs are manufactured to cap/isolate pipelines for up to 35 years. These plugs are available for pressures up to 1000Bar and can be designed for ROV/Diver operations.

Propipe's North American base, situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the manufacturing hub for trident pig tracking and SMART electronics. This facility offers waterfront mooring and allows subsea testing and development of EM and acoustic devices. 

Trident products enable pipeline pig monitoring, pipeline data communication and logging operations using fully-digital acoustic, electromagnetic and magnetic technologies. APEX above ground markers provide the very latest in local and online pig tracking.

More information on Propipe can be found here