After Boro announced a price freeze on Season Cards for the 2017/18 campaign, we asked Boro fans to tell us how, where and why they show their support for our club. Take a look at some of the best responses.

What the Boro means to you...

Joe Atkinson: "#myBoro means the world to me. When I was growing up my grandad got me in to the Boro, he took me to a lot of games and bought me a lot of shirts. I then got a season ticket and I've had one since, right to this day and I always will He sadly passed away but I feel so proud and honoured to support such a quality football club and to carry on the support of my grandad really means a lot to me. I know I'll be making him very proud, it's in my blood and always will be! UTB" 

Louise Campbell: "It's in my blood. I eat and sleep Boro, I've missed family weddings, left my Godson's christening early to go the match, and been moaned at as #myBoro come first! I've had a season ticket for as long as I remember and I now have my son addicted"

Wllow: "Slice me and you'll see #myBoro all the way through like a stick of rock - I'll support them no matter what #UTB"

John Hughes: "It's the pride when you know the people at the top of our club are there because they care and love this club and area"

Rachael Hornby: "#myBoro is passion, life, excitement, disbelief, pain, love of the town I was born in and am proud of. I will always support even if I can't be there - I now live in Cumbria but have now got a little Boro fan in my 7-year-old daughter, who has just started to come to matches with me!"

Abbie McLeod: "Never been happier than when I'm at a Boro game. Enough said!"

Greg Wheeler: "#myBoro is the epitome of never giving up. I started supporting Boro when I first got into footy back in 05/06. That UEFA Cup run was absolutely incredible - constantly fighting back after being written off in the competition, scoring three goals in 25 minutes to beat FC Basel from 4-0 down was a thing of beauty. I've supported them since simply due to that never say die attitude the club has."

Joe Coombs: "It means the world. I have had a season ticket since 2003 and ever since it's been magical. I get the chills when Pigbag is played. It takes me back to being an 8-year-old against Steaua Bucharest. I love #myBoro and I always will!"

Rob Winn: "Away day party buses, the euphoria of a great result the fear of a bad one. Not being able to believe my eyes as #myBoro walk out at Wembley and a UEFA Cup final. Pride as I walk to the stadium and the spine tingle you get when the crowd is loud or a goal is scored. It's not just a team it's a religion"

Your matchday rituals...

Jeremy Hart: "I'll have a coffee, grab a couple of beers and get ready for an 11pm kick-off, and cheer down the house until the early hours of the morning. #UTB for Australia!"

Davina: "#myBoro means getting up on a matchday and feeling excited for the Riverside vibe"

Maggi McMillan: "In the Ayresome days it was catch a train, walk up Linthorpe, hang round the players' entrance getting programmes signed, into the Holgate End, buy a pack of polo mints. Pocket money all gone!"

Peter James Jackson: "I am up early... probably skip breakfast and have been known to consume a full tub of ice cream watching Boro on TV! #UTB from Alberta Western Canada"

Jon Timmiss: "For a home match I always walk under the Ayresome Gates outside the Riverside, dunno why but I always do!"

alex.p.copley: I live in London so I can't go to many games but at 3pm I sit in the living room with Sky Sports on and my dad sits in his office listening to BBC Tees with the doors open and me telling of the Premier League scores. My dad always reacts first!"

Nathaniel Walton: "#myBoro means spending quality time with my father"

Richard Hough: "Doesn't matter where I am in the world or whether we are winning or losing, you are always #myBoro"

Your unique Boro moments...

Andy_mckeown: "Taking my son to his first game last season, eyes wide when he walked into the stadium and saw the players warming up"

Dalesimmo:"2-2 draw with Sunderland at Ayresome Park. I was 10 years old in the Holgate, Boro were down 2-0 and came back to equalise late on. The atmosphere was electric"

Tom_the_boro_lad: "Middlesbrough v Brighton, last game of the season - 1-1- and we got promoted!"

Borobanter2017: "When my younger brother went to his first away game this season vs Leicester City. Most excited I've ever seen him"

Graciefisher04: "My first match, I remember it was Middlesbrough v Wolves on 4 March 2016. I walked out after and I knew I loved it so much."

Ginge_the_ninj: "Promotion day, best day of my life"

Joe_ianson: "Man City, 8-1"

Fifacreeper: "Anyone else think Bamford's awesome goal against City?"

Graham Dresser: "John O'Rourke completing his hat-trick against Oxford United in last game of the season to take us back into the old Division 2!"

Stephen Ferguson: "Play-Off Final, 2nd Leg in 1988 - best day ever!"

Laura Togwell: "#myBoro for my Mam, match day steward for 11 years who sadly passed away in 2015. Ali Brownlee's voice blasting out of Mam's radio during every away match, and watching in The Dickens the day we won the cup, when the whole town erupted!"

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