Turnstiles open as follows:

  • 3.00pm Kick-off - 12.30pm
  • 12.15pm Kick-off - 10.00am
  • 12.30pm Kick-off - 10.30am
  • 5.30pm Kick-off - 3.00pm
  • 7.45pm Kick-off - 6.30pm

Remember to come early to have lots of fun, fun, FUN!

As well as our regular activities and competitions we have the following regular activities and competitions for you all to have lots of fun! fun! fun!

  • Guess the time of the first goal
  • Guess the Attendance
  • WHSmith Activity Boxes – Which activity will we have for you to get creative with?
  • Frankie and Benny’s Competition
  • Nando’s Competition


  • Sponge Water bomb making
  • Hand superheros
  • Hand Butterflies
  • Hand Flowers
  • Hand Foxes
  • Roll up paper birds
  • Make slime
  • Finger puppets football players
  • Design a pennant

Further information will follow once the football season resumes.  Keep checking our website for updates.