Middlesbrough Football Club takes all incidents of discrimination very seriously and is proud to champion equality, diversity and inclusion.

What Is Discrimination?

Discrimination is treating any person unfairly because of who they are, or because of protected characteristics such as Gender, Age, Race, Religion and Belief, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Maternity and Paternity,  and Sexual Orientation.

Reporting Discrimination

The club encourages supporters to report any discrimination they witness or suffer at a professional match, non-league game, grassroots level or online. 

Ways To Report Discrimination On Matchday

  1. Text the MFC Equality, Diversity and Inclusion text line on 07340 718965, giving full details of the incident and which stand, row and seat it took place if possible.The text will be sent to the matchday safety team who will investigate via steward intervention as well as direct or remote observation.
  2. Speak to a club steward or other member of staff.
  3. Use The free Kick It Out App, or the Kick It Out reporting feature available within the menu of our own Middlesbrough FC Official app.

Social Media

We also encourage supporters to report any incidents witnessed on social media platforms that directly affect Middlesbrough Football Club, staff, players or supporters, by email to supporters@mfc.co.uk, sharing details of the incident and screenshots of any offensive social media posts where possible.

Our advice to fans who see or receive hurtful, abusive or discriminatory comments is not to engage directly with those accounts/perpetrators but instead to first report the post to the relevant social media platform following the associated link below, and then to block the user from any further contact.

Other Ways To Report Discrimination to MFC

  • Email: supporters@mfc.co.uk
  • Telephone: 01642 757640
  • Contact Kick It Out (Tel: 0800 169 9414) or the Football Association (Tel: 0800 085 0508)

MFC is committed to promoting equality, diversity and social inclusion via our RiversideBySide programme.