Our Matchday Sensory Room opened in March 2017 and was developed in partnership with the Premier League, BT Sport, The Shippey Campaign and Teesside University.

The room ensures we can offer a calm environment which will enable people on the autism spectrum, and their families, to enjoy matchdays.

Sensory equipment funded by the Premier League Charitable Fund, in association with the Lord’s Taverners, The Shippey Campaign and BT Sport has been installed. Ear defenders are also available should they be required.

Autism Friendly Review - A Young Fan's Story

Each family will be given a special gift box comprising of toys specially catered to people with autism kindly donated by LEXONIK, WHSmith Teesside Park, and Boro goodies courtesy of MFC.

GAME Teesside Park have kindly donated a PS4 where our guests can play Minecraft or FIFA.

Local charity Remembering Rebecca donated a train set so that our guests can have lots of fun.

The room is managed by fully-trained staff with a background in education and working with children with learning difficulties. Parents will also have the option to visit the room before matchday, if they wish to check its suitability.

For further information and to check the availability of tickets, please contact Yvonne Ferguson:

Middlesbrough FC would like to thank the Premier League, BT Sport, The Shippey Campaign, Teesside University, Everyone Active, MFC Foundation and the following companies from Teesside Park: WHSmith, GAME & Beyond and Hollywood Bowl for their support with this project.