The South Stand Terrace at Ayresome Park, more commonly known as The Chicken Run.

Shaun Wilson


The infamous section of supporters that struck fear into the hearts of those unfortunate Boro players, who happened to be in ear shot. Past interviews with former player timestamps when The Chicken Run came into full effect.

Legendary striker Alan Peacock can never remember it in his time playing in the 1950s and early 1960s. Likewise John Hickton when he first signed for the club in 1966 - but John can recall it starting to ramp up in the years following!

The usual victims were either full backs or wingers with Gordon Jones famously mentioning that he when he used to win the toss and choose to be on the ‘other’ side for the first half, hoping for a good performance, and a smoother ride when he switched to the South after the interval!

There was a lot of gallows humour in the ‘advice’ given, and when the crowds starts to dwindle in the 1980’s the voices became more prevalent! The Chicken Run was demolished with the rest of the ground, after Boro switched to the Riverside in 1995. Gone but certainly not forgotten!